How to Use A Cigar Knife – for Beginners

As you enter the world of cigar smoking and puffing, you will be faced with many new terms, mysterious tools, and contraptions you have never heard of before. You will be inundated with talk of humidors, special cases and tins, knives, cutters, and a wide variety of cigar brands that you are now expected to pick your favorites out of.

But how are you expected to know all of this right off the bat? That is a lot to throw at a person and no one can blame you for getting a little confused and needing a moment to just stop and ask how and why everything is done. After all, if you don’t ask, how are you going to learn? So if you have been thinking about getting into smoking cigars, or have a sincere curiosity for this practice, you came to the right place.

Keep reading for a quick run-down of how and why you should properly cut your cigar.

Why Do You Have to Cut Cigars?

This is a question that a lot of active cigar smokers might not fully know how to answer. It could be that some smokers have just come to accept it as the norm, the standard for cigar smoking without giving it another passing thought to fully understand the purpose. The more obvious, clear-cut (no pun intended) explanation for it is premium cigars typically come with one end fully closed off, or “capped.” In order to actually smoke the cigar, you have no choice but to cut the capped end off. You could try to light the cigar as is and hope the cap will simply burn off on its own, but this will not work as the smoke will not be able to travel from the lit end over to the unlit end of the cigar.

That is something close to the answer that many cigar smokers might give you if you ask this question. However, this still leaves us to wonder why there is a capped end at all if it needs to be removed to smoke the cigar. Essentially having the cap at one end helps maintain the integrity of the cigar. If both ends were to be left open, some of the tobacco leaves might fall out and ultimately ruin the cigar. The necessity to cut cigars led to the creation of several devices, which you may have heard of in that running list of cigar terms you’ve been hearing floating around. One of which is the much-needed cigar knife.

How Do You Use A Cigar Knife?

So now you know why it’s important to use a cigar knife. To cut the capped end of the cigar, of course. But you still may not know what to do exactly in order to chop the end off neatly. This is where you have the luxury of choice, as there are different tools to work with in order to open the other end of the cigar. The easiest of which might be the cigar knife. You simply open the blade, insert the cigar through the whole of the cigar knife, and press the blade back down to cut it off. That’s it! Nice and easy.

This can also be a good step to personalize your smoking experience with a cigar knife that matches your taste. A beautiful option is this rich, green cigar cutter knife by Les Fines Lame from Rocky’s Cigar. You can opt for a classic wood finish, or for a simple, clean all-black cigar cutter knife.

Now that you know the how and why you cut your cigar, feel free to pick up your cigars and cigar knives from, and get started.

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