How To Wear Basic Closet Staples Under A Green Jacket with Fur Hood

Winter is just around the corner, it’s finally high time to shop for more classic and trendy outerwear to combat the cold while still looking posh and fashion-forward. The green jacket with a fur hood is one of the basic furs you can wear tastefully and casually for the fall and winter cold days. Its natural straight cut allows anyone wearing inner layers to look fashionable without looking bulky in any way. And if you’re in dire need of fresh styles for your green fur jacket, we’ve rounded up a few combinations of the perfect ensemble for you.

Street Look
The green color of any fur hoodied jacket is the most typical and chic color of all fur jackets. You see, the green fur looks a lot like the color of royalty slash urban outfitter color. You can simply wear it with an all-black outfit inside, a black knit sweater, black skinny jeans, and a pair of brown leather boots to carry out the street fashion ensemble an everyday girl wants. This combination may be simple but it speaks volumes of how anyone can still look in fashion without being too much for everyday wear.

The Denim Casual
One of the most common ways to achieve a denim casual look is to pair your green hoodied fur jacket with anything denim. Denim is one of the basic closet staples that will never go out of style. In fact, denim styles of the ‘80s keep on coming back every year with a few tweaks and twists but overall, still has the same look as it was a few decades ago. You can simply wear a buttoned-up denim shirt and blue jeans inside your green hoodied fur jacket. To make everything more interesting, you can finish the look with a pair of black ankle boots for a more casual style.

Build it With Leather
One trick to look more trendy and yet smart is to throw in a piece of leather in your whole winter ensemble. Leather is one of the top versatile fabrics on the list including linen and denim. You can dress them up or down, whichever way you want and you’re golden. For a more Friday casual look at the office, throw on a striped tee and a pair of black leather pants. Finish the look with a pair of black ankle boots and a green jacket with a fur hood.

Dressy Casual Fur
Not sure what to wear for a friends’ birthday party? Get that dressy casual everyone loves. It’s the beauty between casual and business casual where everyone can have fun dressing up their dark jeans with a pair of heels. Throw in a dainty blouse in white shade, it could be long or be short-sleeved, whatever you have in your closet. And then, you can wear your green hoodied fur jacket over it for added dressiness. If you feel like it’s not going to be a jeans night for you, you can also put on a pair of black dress pants, black strappy heels, a flowy silk blouse, and a green hoodied fur jacket over it.

Whatever you want your whole outfit would be like, wearing a green jacket with a fur hood over your top is always chic and classic at the same time. Plus, fur is a timeless piece of clothing you can always wear with basically anything. If you’re looking for a piece of fine genuine fur, look no further! Maximilian has got the right fur for you. Visit their website and be amazed by their fine collection of genuine fur pieces.

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