i-Cat Dental CBCT Systems: Are They Worth the Purchase?

Outfitting your dental practice with the most reliable and dependable equipment is key to your success and overall patient satisfaction. i-CAT dental CBCT systems from Imaging Sciences are prime examples of some of these products. These award-winning systems and the i-CAT brand, now part of the KavoKerr Group family of dental imaging products, are some of the most well-known and reputable names in the dental imaging industry.

i-CAT dental systems are ideal for just about any dental practice, which isn’t a surprise due to their numerous awards from reputable sources such as Dental Townie Choice and Ortho Townie Choice. But, why are i-CAT systems so preferred over similar dental CBCT systems? Let’s take a look at why these systems in particular are worth the additional investment and how you can add an i-CAT CBCT system to your practice more affordably than ever before.

Improves Patient Comfort
As any dental professional knows, many patients are fearful of visiting the dentist. In fact, it’s been estimated that five out of ten patients have such a strong fear of the dentist that they more than likely have a “dentist phobia”. That is why it’s imperative that you always ensure your patient’s comfort from start to finish.

i-CAT systems support optimal patient comfort throughout the imaging process. Patients are seated in comfortable chairs that may be removed to be wheelchair and fully handicap accessible. i-CAT dental systems also place patients and operators in the ideal face-to-face position, putting patients at ease and streamlining patient positioning.

By using an i-CAT cone beam system, you allow all of your patients to feel more comfortable in your practice, particularly when capturing CBCT or panoramic X-ray images. In doing so, you are creating a more positive dentist-patient relationship, which will encourage them to return to you more regularly and happily.

Minimizes Image Retakes
The face-to-face set-up in i-CAT systems is ideal for patient comfort and clear communication with the operator during image capture, but it also offers the additional advantage of minimizing or eliminating image retakes. This is because the seated design is made to not only keep the patient comfortable but also more stable. With stabilization comes a significant decrease in patient movement, affording you a decrease in image retakes while enhancing image quality.

Quality Dental Imaging
All i-CAT systems are equipped with extremely flexible imaging capabilities. Not only do they afford dentists with award-winning, adjustable 3D scans, but also dedicated 2D panoramic and cephalometric imaging, as well.

Panoramic imaging is available with a simple click of a mouse, as the cone beam system is instantly converted into a standard panoramic X-ray device. In addition, i-CAT large FOV (Field of View) cone beam systems can extract cephalometric images from its 3D scans. These systems then become a quick 3-in-1 option for all of your patients’ extraoral imaging needs: 3D, panoramic, and cephalometric.

Reliable, Fast, and Compact
i-CAT systems are renowned for producing high-quality images very quickly, in just about 10 seconds. This high accuracy paired with fast capture times provides dental professionals with enhanced practice efficiency and improved patient satisfaction as well. Patients spend less time waiting and so do you, allowing more time for more streamlined appointments.

Another convenience of i-CAT dental systems is their footprint. i-CAT CBCT systems are surprisingly compact and can fit in nearly any dental office space, regardless of configuration.

Why Buy a Used i-CAT CBCT System
As one of the premium dental imaging systems in the market, i-CAT CBCT equipment is priced higher than some competitive cone beam machines. However, there is a way to make i-CAT dental systems more affordable and attainable for just about any practice.

The answer is certified pre-owned i-CAT dental systems from Renew Digital. These cost-effective, high-quality systems can provide you and your practice with the same features as new i-CAT CBCT systems but at 30-50% off new list prices.

Used i-CAT dental cone beam systems available from Renew Digital come from a variety of sources. Most of these systems come from practices that were simply looking to upgrade their current CBCT to a larger field of view (FOV), such as a medium FOV i-CAT Precise or i-CAT FLX MV to an extended field of view i-CAT Next Generation or an i-CAT FLX V17.

Another source of Renew Digital’s used i-CAT dental systems are practices or secondary practice locations that have closed. Retiring dentists also often sell their equipment to fully enjoy their retirement.

When purchasing a used CBCT system from Renew Digital, you will be provided with state-of-the-art used dental equipment, decades of experience, and highly knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate customer service team members. Plus, each purchase includes installation and training and is backed by a full warranty. Give Renew Digital a call at 888-246-5611 to get started on finding the perfect i-CAT CBCT system to bring the best out of your dental practice.

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