Increasing an AEG’s Rate of Fire (ROF): What You Can Do

Popular airsoft rifles like G&G Raiders and Lancer Tactical AEGs might offer pretty decent performance out of the box, but airsoft wouldn’t be half as fun if it weren’t for all the modders and gearheads.

Some of those mods and upgrades don’t just improve the cool factor. They also improve performance.

If you’d like to boost your AEG’s ROF, read on.

Upgrade to a High-Torque Motor
While you might assume that high-speed motors are better for higher ROF, typically, high-torque motors are the better option.

You’ll want a high-torque motor, preferably with a powerful neodymium motor, as well as higher TPA.

TPA, which means turns per armature, refers to the number of times the metal coil of the motor wraps around the armature. Higher TPA motors are heavier, but have more torque, which makes them faster; go with one that has 16 TPA or more.

Get a Better Battery
There are all different types of airsoft batteries and if you want to increase ROF, you’ll want a LiPo battery with a high mAh and C rating.

While LiPo batteries are on the more expensive side, they perform much better than comparable batteries like NiMH batteries and have longer battery life. They also have no memory.

Do not exceed the voltage rating of your AEG but go as high as is reasonable, as higher voltage batteries will provide more power and can shoot faster.

Install a MOSFET (and Use Low-Resistance Wires)
A MOSFET is one of the most important upgrades you can make to your airsoft gun, especially if you use a high-voltage battery.

Also known as a metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor, a MOSFET will protect your trigger contacts from burnout when using a high-voltage battery and will improve trigger response.

Installing a MOSFET will also improve your rate of fire. Another thing you can do is use low-resistance wire. It will heat up less and will convey the electrical current from the battery faster and more efficiently.

When upgrading the wiring, go with 16AWG wiring; using a heavier gauge will probably not offer any performance boost in terms of speed, but anything smaller will bottleneck the electric current and can compromise performance.

Upgrade to a Full-Metal Rack Piston
Go with the lightest-weight piston you can find that has all-metal teeth. Lighter pistons will reciprocate more quickly and efficiently and metal teeth are less likely to break, crack or deform under high-speed operation.

Common materials that make suitable high-speed pistons are nylon, POM, and polycarbonate; especially nylon, because it is tolerant of high sheer stresses and exhibits high plasticity and strength.

Some users actually drill holes in their pistons to make them lighter and therefore faster, but we do not necessarily recommend that mod. Just get a light one with metal teeth.

As for the piston head, it might seem counterintuitive to use a plastic head (because they are not as durable as metal) but they are much lighter. Always go with a lighter plastic piston head when your goal is to improve ROF.

Visit an Airsoft Store Near You
If you have additional questions about what parts to use on an AEG if you want to kickstart ROF, visit an airsoft store near you or get in touch with a reputable one online.

MiR Tactical – in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and online at – is an excellent resource. They carry a wide range of airsoft guns and parts, and their customer service team is top-notch.

If you have questions about upgrades, before you make any changes, bring your AEG in to them or give them a call at 800-581-6620.

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