Is BTMS 25 Good For Natural Hair Conditioners?

You’re likely interested in making your own shampoos and conditioners and are currently researching which ingredients to use. This short guide will help you understand the benefits of using certain natural ingredients and will also provide you with a link to follow where you can find them for yourself as well.

So what exactly is BTMS 25 and is it worth using in a natural hair conditioning product?

Despite having a mouthful of a name, Behentrimonium Methosulfate is an all-natural Cationic Surfactant Conditioner that is actually suitable to use in “natural” hair-care products. Specifically, this ingredient is actually derived from rapeseed, also known as the colza nut, and is not only great as a primary emulsifier but as a powerful conditioning agent as well.

Why Natural Ingredients Are So Worthwhile
While some synthetic ingredients are generally considered safe for widespread use and don’t cause many allergic reactions and other issues, we are seeing an increasing trend toward natural ingredients. One of the reasons why this is because people really want a better understanding of what they are putting on their skin.

For instance, we know what’s in a colza nut. Rapeseed oil is a time-tested ingredient that has widespread applications and that is generally thought to be safe to use in many different kinds of products. BTMS 25 is such a reliable conditioning agent for this very reason, formula makers and those who craft personal care products don’t have to worry about this substance having a negative effect on people’s skin or hair.

Quite the contrary, Behentrimonium Methosulfate 25% is known to be beneficial for hair, helping to improve body or volume naturally. This substance not only improves the thickness or viscosity of hair formulas, it actually improves the overall effectiveness of hair care treatments. So in that respect, it is a versatile ingredient that performs multiple actions within a formula, which makes it all the more valuable.

If you are interested in creating natural products specifically or want to create a brand or product line that centers on vegan or natural ingredients, this is one substance you don’t have to worry about. You can use it to enhance the quality of your hair care formulas, and what’s even better is that BTMS 25 is also known to have great effects on the skin as well. You can use this emulsifier in skin care formulas just as well as you can for hair care products.

The Best Place to Purchase Quality Hair Care Ingredients
No matter what scale you are crafting products on, you should prioritize working with the best ingredients you can get your hands on. For conditioners and rich shampoos specifically, has the selection of high-quality ingredients you want, including BTMS 25.

From all-natural fragrances and soap bases, to useful surfactants, emulsifiers, additives, colorants, and more, you will find everything you need in their online ingredient store. They even have bulk options for larger businesses. Check out their selection today and get just what you need to craft all-natural hair care products.

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