Laser lipolysis Basics You Must know

One of the most popularly adopted non-invasive treatments for body sculpting, laser lipolysis is useful to remove small fat deposits. This non-surgical procedure can remove fat cells from your body permanently. Some of the most alluring characteristics of laser lipo treatment include less painful, lesser recovery time, and less complicated. There is also a low risk of loose skin following the procedure. Unlike the conventional liposuction procedure, laser lipo does not need general anesthesia.

How laser lipo is done
Laser lipo is a simple procedure done at the doctor’s office. The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes to complete. Following the procedure, you can return to normal activity quickly.

The doctor attaches a pad like applicators to the region that has to be treated. These pads emit penetrating heat that will heat up the fat cells beneath the pad. The process damages the cell membranes of the fat cells and hence the fat cells die to be absorbed by the body eventually.

The final results of this treatment will be visible in about six weeks from the day of the treatment. After this period, you will see that a noticeable sculpting has happened in the area treated. To get optimal results, some people might need multiple treatments.

The recovery from laser lipo procedure is very easy and happens quickly. On the same day of the treatment, people can resume their normal works. Some people might experience soreness or redness in the area treated.

Some of the most common targets of laser lipo are the body regions including belly, back, flanks, and thighs.

Advantages of laser lipo procedure
Laser lipo treatment brings the results of the traditional liposuction procedure. Nevertheless, laser lipo is a lesser invasive procedure and hence the recovery is faster and with fewer complications. Some patients might experience a mild swelling and redness in the treated area. In case of laser assisted lipo which is a similar kind of treatment, there is a small risk of infection in the location of incision. But, this will not be highly concerning.

Experts point out that laser lipolysis and laser assisted liposuction can lead to a comfortable degree of skin tightening following the procedure. Lasers are also noted to stimulate collagen production. In the conventional liposuction procedure, the skin covering the fat deposits might look saggy or remain lax.

Due to the several advantages noticed with laser lipo, this has become a popular option for fat reduction.

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