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There may be no more iconic, fully-automatic platform than the infamous AK-47. The reliability of its action, even under the influence of sand, mud and extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, has given it amazing staying power. It is the rifle that shoots when other rifles fail. It has an impressively high rate of fire, too, especially for an automatic platform with so many sensitive moving parts that could easily fail.

Then there is the equally obvious fact that it was often on the wrong side of the line, especially for Americans. It is an insidious tool that opposed American initiatives in every corner of the world, from the end of the Second World War through the height of the Cold War.

It’s a rifle platform that, despite its specious history of involvement with American forces, has found a lot of great reception here as a collectible firearm. If you own one, you may be reading this thinking of virtues that we were conscientious enough to cover. Even people that don’t appreciate what they stood for love to hate them. The rifle just has that kind of appeal.

At any rate, if you own one, one of the things you’re going to be looking for from time to time is AK 47 parts. That goes without saying; if you had an Enfield you’d need Enfield parts and if you have an 870 you’d need 870 parts. That’s just the nature of ownership in all situations except those in which the firearm in question is little more than a model or a replica.

Here’s another thing to consider. An AK-47 might be marvellously reliable, but the gun is hard on itself. Every once in a while you’re going to need to make replacements. Gaskets will fail, ruining gas transfer and affecting or halting cycling time. Trigger assemblies will need to be adjusted or replaced. Firing pins and extractors might need to be replaced. Even barrels, which are some of the toughest components on any firearm, periodically need to be replaced. The lands wear down over time (which is easy to do with a rifle like an AK 47) which costs you velocity accuracy.

But where can you get AK 47 parts? First off, procuring one of these rifles is difficult enough. It’s almost impossible to get them in some areas of the country. But if you use yours, sooner or later parts for repairs, replacements, adjustments and upgrades will become a necessity and not a nicety.

Unfortunately, for special parts like many of these that are specific to the platform, you may be in a situation where you just can’t rely on any old neighborhood gun store. Your local shop might have a staff that has the expertise on how to make repairs and replacements, but parts for these rifles are scarce in some areas.

Today, however, is your lucky day. Today is the day you end the search for a supplier of AK-47 parts with the discovery of Sarco, Inc. The best part about this isn’t even that Sarco, Inc., has the AK parts you need (no matter what they are). The best part is you can shop through much of Sarco, Inc.’s collection online, from the comfort of home.

Visit their website, SarcoInc.com to get what you need, but don’t feel like you can’t reach out to an expert member of their staff for more help if you need it. If there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s putting their customers in touch with the hard-to-find parts and accessories they need for their favorite rifles, shotguns and pistols. Check their website today and call them at 610-250-3960 if you need more help.

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