Looking to Find Drill Mills for Sale? Try Online Carbide

Milling cutters are usually designed for specific tasks. An end mill side mills, a thread mill cuts threads, and a drill bit drills holes. This means that milling a component that requires several different types of cuts will often require the use of several tools. The timing from tool changes can add up over time, delaying production. If you want to find milling cutters that can perform multiple tasks, then you need to check out the drill mills for sale at Online Carbide.

Drill mills are unique tools that share characteristics of end mills and drill bits. This makes them extremely versatile. These tools have the flute profile and side milling cutting edges of an end mill and the pointed tip of a drill bit. This means that they can perform both drilling and milling operations.

End mills are not ideal for cutting down into a workpiece while drill bits cannot mill sideways. With a drill mill you can drill down into your workpiece and start milling from there. The pointed tip also means that you can mill a V shaped notch or drill out a cavity with an angled bottom edge. The pointed tip on drill mills also means that these tools can perform a lot of other tasks that would normally require a tool change. They are usually stable enough to act as an accurate spot drill or the edge can of the point can be used to chamfer. No matter what you use your drill mills for, you will love just how versatile these tools can be.

When it comes to finding great drill mills for sale, it’s always worth investing in tools made from solid carbide. Carbide is an extremely hard material that can handle high speeds and temperatures while keeping a sharp cutting edge. Tool carbide is made of powdered carbide ceramic cemented together with a binding metal. This gives it the cutting power of ceramics and the impact resistance of metal. Carbide tools will outlast your average metal tool, including those made from cobalt steel and high speed steel.

Online Carbide is an American manufacturer of solid carbide milling cutters. All of their tools are precision ground from high quality micro grain tungsten carbide tool stock using CNC grinders like other major manufacturers in the tool industry. Their inventory includes drill mills for sale. When placing an order you can choose the size of your drill mill, the angle of its point, and whether you want a tool with a polished carbide finish or a tool coated in TiAlN. The extra tool coating provides more heat resistance and can help your tools last longer.

If you are interested in ordering some new tool for your shop, all of the tools available at www.onlinecarbide.com are available at manufacturer direct prices. If you have any questions about their drill mills for sale, or any of their other products, feel free to reach out to a member of their team by sending an email to [email protected].

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