Missing Puff Bars? Try This No Nicotine Puff Bar

If you’ve been on the internet for an amount of time within the last two years, especially on certain social media platforms, you have definitely spotted at least one young adult carrying around something that resembles a highlighter-colored USB drive. Those small, discreet, rainbow-colored little sticks that are being referenced are what was once known as Puff Bars. Puff Bars really took the entire smoking and vaping industry by storm once the FDA had banned the sales of the famous Juul pods in all convenience stores and 7/11s across the country.

With the absence of Juuls and Juul pods, there was a hole that needed to be filled on the market when it came to easily accessible vapes that could attract buyers from all different ages groups. The reason that Juuls were banned was because of their specific design. The small Juul pods that anyone 18 and over could buy, were refillable. That was ultimately their downfall, as it made it so young adults and teenagers could refill Juul pods with their own vape juice, with then, in turn, was contributing to the nicotine dependencies of young people across the country.

However, there was a loophole that Puff Bars made its way into. The Puff Bar was completely disposable, so once you’ve puffed the entire contents of the disposable vape, they had to be thrown away. Thus making it possible for these fruity flavored disposable nicotine vapes to hit the counters of every convenience store and gas station in your area.

Because of the insane amount of wild flavors that Puff Bar offered, young people, especially teens, were immediately intrigued and subsequently hooked on these Puff Bars. Soon after that, the FDA got wind of what was happening from anti-smoking advocacy groups and banned their products the same way they did with Juul.

However, this meant that many people were again without their beloved and much-needed (or so they thought) nicotine vapes. These vaping devices, both Juul and Puff Bar, really created a need and a dependency on nicotine to young adults, which anti-smoking groups and the FDA were really trying to avoid.

Since the inception of vaping, there has been a push to try and get young people away from those products, since there had been some success with having teens and young adults stay away from cigarettes. But, these disposable and refillable vapes only contributed to the problem.

But, there can be a solution to this problem. With Cyclone Pods, you now have a completely nicotine-free vaping solution that will help you curb the nicotine cravings that you got from those pesky Puff Bars. With Cyclone Pods, you can find a no nicotine Puff Bar, which has the same experience and effect that you love from Puff Bars, but without the harmful and addictive nicotine.

Try all of their flavors including watermelon, raspberry, guava, vanilla, and even coffee! Visit their website at cyclonepods.com to browse through their products today.

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