Must-Have Sheet Metal Tools

Sheet metal roofs are gaining popularity and are often chosen over slate. When it comes to working on that sheet metal, the job requires much different tools and techniques than when working with slate.

All roofers know that having reliable, durable tools is important. No one wants to be halfway through a job and have a tool stop working for them. It ruins a worker’s momentum and motivation leaving them frustrated and ready to quit. Some must-haves for roofers when working on a sheet metal roof are snips, sheet metal benders, tin hammers and more.

Snips are a very important sheet metal tool. If you find yourself replacing snips more often than you should be, it is most likely because you are buying the wrong pair of snips. Being aware of the cut orientation, hardness, and blade type needed will allow you to purchase a pair of snips that is right for you.

When buying snips you may want a pair that is spring-loaded like the MASC Nibbler. As long as you’re able to cut continuous slots while avoiding slits then you should be in business. A good pair of nibblers shouldn’t tear the metal easily and be able to work easily with Zinc and other materials. Depending on the job, circular tin snips as well.

Sheet Metal Benders
Sheet metal benders have become an essential part of every professional sheet metal roofers’ arsenal. With a metal bender, you can bend up to 90 degrees directly onsite without having to rely on a heavy brake. This has made sheet metal roofing much easier and was absolutely revolutionary to the industry as a whole.

Stortz, Wuko, and Freund all make excellent sheet metal benders for the modern roofing professional. There are different sizes and types of benders, so be sure to know what you’re looking for before you make your decision. On Stortz’s website, you can actually find benders from all three of these amazing brands. Get an individual sheet metal bender or a combo package.

Standing Seamers
Standing seam roofs are certainly on the rise and you’ll notice more of them being installed now than ever before. It is all a matter of preference when it comes to seamers. If you are looking for a classic, first stage, or second stagehand seamer there are plenty of options that can get the job done correctly. One of the best brands for hand seamers are ESE. They also offer finish hand seamers available for a double lock.

You may be more interested in a power seamer. Once again there are plenty of options on the market, but one of the best is Stortz’s Accuseamer. This sheet metal tool can save you time and effort and is one of the best investments you can make as a roofer. This innovative product will allow you to do single and double locks with ease.

If you are looking for any of these sheet metal tools or brands, they can be all be found at Whether it’s a power seamer or a tinner’s hammer, you can visit their site for anything you’d need for a sheet metal or slate roofing job. Check out the amazing deals and products they have available.

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