Need a Small Gerber Knife? Add These 3 to Your Pack

The search for a small Gerber knife is oddly specific, but what can we say? Some people are oddly brand loyal, and if there’s ever been a brand that deserves loyalty, it’s Gerber. For almost 100 years, Gerber Legendary Gear has been furnishing hunters, collectors and servicemen with dependable tools that you can beat up and down, but which will keep on delivering.

If you need a new one, consider any of these three, or all of them. They’re tough, reliable, and wildly practical.

1. Gerber Paraframe
This is a classic among Gerber knives, and without digging through the books of sales figures, it is probably one of the best selling. It is without a doubt one of the most popular.

Simple, light and effective, the Paraframe is actually available in a few different configurations, including the Mini, with a 2.2 inch blade, the Paraframe I, with a 3 inch blade, and the Paraframe II, with a 3.6 inch blade. They’re available in models with both straight blades and combo-serrated blades.

All of them feature stainless steel blades and skeletonized stainless steel handles, as well as a remarkably tough frame lock. They’re light, comfortable, ergonomic, and ideal for everyday carry.

2. Gerber Pocket Square
The Gerber Pocket Square is the small Gerber knife to get if you need a showier little knife for carrying with your more formal and professional attire. Though it is small, it is deceptively heavy and has a thick steel blade and extremely tough lock, especially for a liner lock.

It’s also available with either glass filled nylon scales or classier, sleeker looking aluminum scales. Both of these configurations are beautiful compliments to a stately and dignified little knife, and when taken as a whole with the smarly angled profile of the package, result in a handsome tool.

3. Gerber Tri Tip Cleaver
We have to include at least one small fixed Gerber knife, if only for the fact that fixed blades are tougher and easy to clean when compared to folders. The Tri Tip Cleaver has a mold-breaking design that has proven immensely popular, useful for both camp craft and food preparation. It wouldn’t make a poor choice in a small Gerber knife for EDC and general utility, though.

Available in a few different colors, finishes and configurations, the Tri Tip comes with a multi-mount sheath that allows for both tip-down and scout carry – whichever is your preference. One thing is certain: this stout little blade may be unassuming, but it is impressively tough.

If you’re interested in any of these Gerber knives (or all of them) visit White Mountain Knives at Their collection contains countless Gerber knives and they offer free shipping in the United States as well.

In the event that you can’t find the specific model you’re looking for, just contact their customer service team at [email protected]. They maintain a large network of vendor connections and can probably find the knife you’re looking for, even if it isn’t displayed on their website.

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