Need for Geomatic Services in Calgary

If you have a business, you must know how valuable data is. Geomatics services are all about using data to solve problems in the geographical domain. Many sectors today are using the information gathered by geomatics to grow their businesses.

Geomatics is a branch of science, which studies the gathering, distribution, storage, analysis, processing, and presentation of geographical data and information. It is a relatively new branch of science that is expanding at a rapid speed. The field and its applications have made significant advances in computer hardware, computer science, software engineering, as well as airborne and space observation remote sensing technology. It has applications pretty much everywhere!

What are Geomatic Services?
The science and technology of acquiring, analysing, interpreting, disseminating, and utilizing geographic data is known as geomatics. Businesses in a wide range of industries, including energy, insurance, risk management, transportation and infrastructure, retail, real estate development and education sector can benefit from geomatics services.

Geomatics covers a wide range of subjects, such as:

● Surveying: Surveying is a method of accurately determining the measurements of the surface of the earth. To measure the distance between two points, surveyors use geometry, engineering, trigonometry, mathematics, physics, and law. You must have seen this technique getting used in construction areas.

● Mapping: Mapping is a technique that is used to make maps of large areas using technology and geomatics techniques. Topographic maps, aerial mapping (photography), digital mapping, map digitalization, and specialized mapping services are all examples of mapping services. Mapping is used to create maps of schools, cities, universities etc.

● Remote Sensing: Remote sensing uses different wireless devices to acquire information on an object or place. This technique makes it possible to collect data on dangerous or inaccessible places. Weather satellites, MRI, X-Radiation are all examples of remote sensing technology. Today, this technique has a significant role in detecting earthquakes.

● GIS: GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It is a system that is used to integrate, store, edit, analyze, share, and display geographic information.

● Navigations: Navigation is a technique used to determine an object’s relative position. There are many navigation systems used today including air navigation, satellite navigation and radar radiation.

Need for Geomatic Services
Geomatics can help us understand the terrain of the area we wish to work on. These services are today being utilized by developed nations to construct roads, bridges, dams, and cities, among other things. The construction sector has also started employing these service providers to establish a strong foundation for their projects.

Geomatic services are provided by professionals such as engineers, surveyors, scientists to technicians. They are adept at collecting, analyzing, and utilizing accurate geospatial data.

Geomatic Services Calgary can offer a full range of geomatics surveys for the commercial, residential, and governmental markets such as:

● Commercial and Residential Surveys

● Topographic Surveys

● GIS (Graphic Information Systems)

● GPS Surveys

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