Never Pay More for a Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler Again

That title is meant to catch your attention, and don’t think for a second that it’s anything but serious. It’s not intended as clickbait. This article is actually going to help you save money the next time you pull out your wallet to replace your current Goodman 3 ton air handler with something new. Actually, whenever you open your wallet to drop some bills on a new HVAC unit or system, this advice will help you save money.

Before you call up a specialist (unless you’re calling one for a repair, that’s a different story), get out your phone or tablet or get on your computer. Open up good old Google and type into the search bar. Then hit enter.

You’re going to end up at Believe us, this is going to be one of the easiest tutorials you’re ever going to read on how to save money.

Once you get to their website, check out their collection of Goodman 3 ton air handlers. If the fancy strikes you, check out their other sizes in air handlers as well. The case might be that you need a larger or a smaller unit. Perhaps you’re more interested in a Rheem unit with a multi-speed motor. Maybe you don’t need an air handler at all. You might need a new furnace or a split system or even copper tubing to make some repairs. We’re not interested in that, but you will be in our next point.

Once you’ve picked out a model that you believe will make a justifiable replacement for whatever is currently working in your home (get with a specialist or call their customer service team at 855-473-6484 to make sure) observe the price. It’s going to vary depending on whatever you’ve picked out, naturally.

Now, they’re prices are low to begin with, but if you’ve ever seen a lower price elsewhere on the same piece of equipment, now is the time to act. The air handlers, air conditioners, furnaces, and other HVAC equipment at Budget Air Supply are all covered by their admirable price match guarantee. It effectively ensures you’ll get better than the best going rates. You’ll get the best rates of all.

That, however, is not the only reason you’ll never have to pay more for a Goodman 3 ton air handler again. In fact, it isn’t even close. You see, Budget Air Supply took an interest in their supply chain some years back. You don’t need to worry about the details of their shipping and warehousing, but what you can worry about is the cost. Except for one thing – they don’t charge for shipping.

In an industry where the competition price gouges on distribution and shipping, Budget Air Supply remains the ultimate low-cost leader. Not only will they guarantee you the best sale price on your equipment, but they will also ship it to you for free. Also, since you might be wondering, their shipping is also marvellously fast.

It’s also nice that they have an installation network across the country that will help you ensure that your system is up and running even once it gets to you. That, and it doesn’t hurt that they have an excellent customer service team, which brings us to our conclusion.

It’s natural to be skeptical about such bold claims, but we’re not promising you a get rich quick scheme. We’re just letting you in on the fact that Budget Air Supply is the ultimate low-cost provider of HVAC equipment and can almost certainly save you money.

Visit their website,, or call them at 855-473-6484 if you have any questions – they’ll settle them.

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