On the Types of Cassock Robes

Consider yourself well-educated and worldly if you can even recognize a cassock robe and are not affiliated with the clerical assembly.

These unique clerical garments are common enough, but not well-known among laypeople.

Believe it or not, there are actually three distinct styles, as follows.

Anglican Cassock Robes
The main difference between an Anglican cassock and a Roman cassock (see below) is the addition of two pleats along the front and back of the robe.

Another difference is that sometimes the Anglican-style cassock is worn without a cincture (although this is not always the case).

Black is the most common color, but in warmer locations white is sometimes common, as are themed colors associated with changes in the liturgical calendar.

Roman-Style Cassocks
There is more than one style of Roman cassock, but the main traits in common among them are the inclusion of two pleats along the back as well as an opening at the front.

Roman-style cassocks were often made with buttons that communicated the wearer’s rank. Traditionally, they have been made with 33 buttons (along the front) which symbolize the 33 years of Jesus’ life.

They are also commonly worn with tab-collared clergy shirts that are commonly worn by priests in the Catholic church.

Choir Cassocks
Finally, we have the choir cassock, which is an integral part of choir dress. Sometimes, choir cassock robes are sleeveless and intended to be worn with a clergy collar shirt underneath them.

Oftentimes, colored cassocks are also referred to as choir cassocks.

Who Wears a Cassock?
Cassocks are typically worn by priests. Though they are often worn in conjunction with other robes during the officiation of a ceremony, unlike other vestments “proper,” cassock robes can be worn at other times of the day and when not engaged in official duties.

This makes cassocks sort of like the “everyday habit” of the priest. They may also be worn by other choir members.

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