Online Carbide has Drill Mills for Sale

If you work with milling machines, then you know just how many different types of end mills that some jobs require. Tool changes can take up valuable production time but most milling cutters are designed only to perform specific tasks. If you are looking for tools that can handle a wide variety of milling and drilling operations, then you need to check out the drill mills for sale at Online Carbide.

As an American tool manufacturer, Online Carbide is dedicated to quality. They grind all of their tools using the same robot fed 5 axis grinding machines as other leaders in the milling tool industry. One of the biggest advantages to working with Online Carbide is the fact that they do not work with middlemen. When you visit their website, you will always find quality tools available at manufacturer direct prices. This includes all of their versatile drill mills for sale.

A drill mill, as the name suggests, is a milling tool that combines aspects of both end mills and drill bits. They typically look similar to thick drill bits with a pointed tip similar to a drill bit. The flutes on these tools are similar to the flutes on square end mills. This means that these tools are capable of performing both drilling and milling operations. This offers several advantages over using drill bits and end mills separately.

All of Online Carbide’s drill mills are manufactured from solid carbide tool stock. This means that they can operate at higher speeds and feeds than similar tools made from HSS and cobalt steel. The reason carbide is so resilient is the fact that it is a composite material made from ceramic powder held together with a metallic binder. This makes carbide tools extremely rigid and strong. The ceramic component of these tools provides their cutting power and is extremely resilient at high temperatures, which makes them ideal for fast paced production.

When it comes to using drill mills, one of their biggest advantages is the fact that they can perform drilling operations. End mills are not suited to axial cutting due to their lack of a point but drill mills excel at drilling. As long as you only need to produce holes that are as deep as the cutter, you can get everything done with your drill mill. If you need to produce deeper holes, then the point of your drill mill can be used to spot drill the location of holes to increase you accuracy with longer twist bits.

In addition to drilling holes, the fact that these tools can side mill makes them a unique option. They can easily cut V shaped notches, drill through a thin piece of material and side mill a cutout. The point on these tools also means that they can be used to chamfer and bevel edges on a workpiece. In a similar vein, you can use the tip to add engravings and other fine details to a workpiece.

Online Carbide has a great selection of drill mills for sale. This includes drill mills in a variety of sizes with either two or four flutes. They also offer drill mills with 60 degree and 90 degree point angles. When you are choosing your tools you can also select between drill mills with a polished carbide finish or tools coated in TiAlN. This resilient coating material helps to protect the cutter from heat and increase its tool life. If you have any questions about their drill mills or any of the other tools that Online Carbide carries, you can reach out to a member of their team by sending and email to [email protected].

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