Online Carbide has Hard Working Drill Mills for Sale

Drill mills are a must have cutting tool for any machinist shop. These cutters have a lot of utility due to their unique design, making them perfect for a wide range of different milling applications. If you are looking for a reliable cutter that can get a lot done in your shop, then the drill mills for sale at Online Carbide might be the perfect tools for your shop.

What is a Drill Mill
Standard ball and square end mills are designed to perform side milling operations, but are not well suited for drilling straight down into a workpiece. Drill bits are designed to create holes, but lack the ability to side mill. By combining the side milling flute design of an end mill and the pointed tip of a drill bit, drill mills are tools that can get a lot done. A drill mill might not be able to do everything an end mill or drill bit can do, but they are not nearly as specialized, which can help to reduce the need for tool changes.

Using Drill Mills
Drill mills are great for drilling small holes that match the cutter size. The pointed tip can also be used to spot drill holes for longer twist bits as long as the drill mill point angle is equal to or greater than the point angle of the longer twist bit. They can even be used to drill into a piece and begin milling from that point.

One of the most useful parts of a drill mill is the tip. These tips can be used to chamfer an edge to help provide a nice smooth surface. The milling design also makes it easy to cut V shaped notches, which is not a simple task for most end mills. They can also be used to deburr a piece after you have finished milling. The tip can even be used to add simple engravings to your workpiece.

Why Carbide?
When it comes to milling cutters, carbide is always the best option. Milling tools tend to operate for long periods of time at high speeds, which can cause a lot of fatigue. Tungsten carbide is nearly twice as strong as steel and far more rigid. Because its cutting power comes from its ceramic content, tool carbide will not lose temper and soften under high heat conditions.

If you want to find quality drill mills for sale, then Online Carbide is a great choice for your shop. All of the tools at are manufactured in the USA from solid carbide tool stock using precision CNC grinders. Their drill mills are available with two or four flutes and 60 or 90 degree tip angles. If you have any questions about any of their tools or you are interested in having custom cutting tools manufactured for your shop, reach out to a member of their team by sending an email to [email protected].

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