Project X Golf Shafts: Why HZRDUS and HZRDUS Smoke Shafts Might Be the Best in Golf

True Temper’s Project X golf shafts have been widely lauded as some of the best shafts in the game. Specifically, the HZARDUS Smoke series has been called “the best golf shafts,” and probably more than once.

But in an industry that also offers excellence in the form of MCA TENSEI and Fujikura Ventus shafts, what do the HZRDUS and HZRDUS Smoke line offer to differentiate themselves?

Project X Golf Shafts: Low Spin, Impressive Stability
Project X golf shafts – specifically HZRDUS shafts – are nothing new. They’ve been in the game for more than 5 years now, but they’re still going strong and well-loved by golfers around the world.

The original HZRDUS Project X golf shaft was the HZRDUS Black. It offered an extremely stable midsection ideal for players with aggressive swing speeds and tempos; its exceptional stability and high stiffness ratings delivered low spin profiles that kept a lid on shot dispersion.

Three additional entries followed up the success of the HZRDUS Black: the HZRDUS Yellow, Red, and T1100.

The HZRDUS Yellow, like the Black, also delivered a low spin profile, but it was also back weighted which made it more suitable for players with more fluid swing tempos – even if the swing speed was on the higher side.

The HZRDUS Red also delivered excellent stability and was more forgiving, but this one was manufactured with a softer tip, that, when paired with the stability of the midsection, offered greater forgiveness while producing mid-launch profiles engineered to deliver higher launch trajectories and greater range.

As for the HZRDUS T1100, it is noteworthy for its stiffness, counter-balanced profile, ultra-stiff tip, and the fact that it produces the lowest spin profiles of all HZARDUS shafts, making it suitable for players with the most aggressive swing speeds and tempos.

The success of the original HZARDUS Smoke line has been complemented by a follow-up in the form of HZRDUS Smoke shafts, which like their predecessors, offer exceptionally low spin profiles thanks to their great rigidity and stability.

HZARDUS Smoke shafts are also available in several different configurations (colors) that are suitable for players of different needs.

Whereas the HZRDUS Smoke Black is commendable for its extra-stiffness ratings that engender low launch and spin profiles, the line is also graced by the HZRDUS Smoke Red, which offers greater feedback and sensitivity, while still producing low launch and low spin profiles that are ideal for players with faster swing speeds and tempos.

All in all, the HZRDUS Smoke shaft line offers stiff, forgiving shafts that enable long, straight drives – and that pulls a lot of popularity and acclaim.

Not Sure Which Project X Golf Shafts Are for You?
Don’t jump into fitting your driver with a new shaft just because you read that Project X golf shafts like these were good on the web.

The information in this post is the honest truth. They are some of the best shafts in the game, but we can’t see into your measurements, swing speed, and tempo.

Only a golf club fitter can do that. If you have any hesitations before getting serious about upgrading your golf equipment, work with a professional golf fitter that will help you find golf shafts that will work for you.

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