Purchasing Tools From Carbide Drill Manufacturers

Milling is a fabrication technique that involves employing high-speed cutting equipment to create pieces that are faster and more precise than working by hand. Milling on all scales is now more accessible than ever thanks to the widespread usage of CNC technology and high-quality cutting equipment. As a result, solid carbide drill manufacturers are providing high-quality tools to make it easier to mill huge quantities of components without having to worry about premature tool failure.

When it comes to end mills and drill bits, high-speed steel, or HSS, is one of the more affordable possibilities. This is a steel alloy that maintains its hardness (temper) even when subjected to the high heat levels that machining can produce. When regular tool steel is heated, it softens, causing the cutting edges to lose their sharpness quickly. Despite their growing popularity, HSS end mills are still confined to grinding softer materials. If your business wishes to mill items out of tougher metals, carbide drill manufacturers are the way to go.

Because it combines the strength of metal with the extraordinary rigidity and hardness of a ceramic, carbide is a one-of-a-kind tool-making material. In its raw state, tungsten carbide, the most often used carbide stock, is a powdered gray ceramic. This substance, which is made up of the same proportions of tungsten and carbon as steel, is twice as strong and hard. Powdered carbide is compressed and cemented together with a metal, usually cobalt, to generate a solid material suitable for tool manufacture.

This strong carbide stock maintains its edge at high speeds, and its rigidity prevents the tool from vibrating and falling off the mark. Because cemented carbide tools do not dull as quickly as HSS tools, they are suited for high-speed milling of hard materials. These carbide cutters will outlive and outperform similar steel cutters even when cutting wood and other softer materials.

All end mills and drill bits made by Online Carbide are made from high-quality solid carbide stock. The team at Online Cabide uses the same robot-fed 5-axis CNC grinders as other industry-leading carbide drill manufacturers to turn this tough material into tools. Unlike its competitors, Online Carbide sells its tools at factory direct prices, allowing clients to save a lot of money on high-quality cutters.

If your shop is in need of new carbide cutting tools, the team at Online Carbide has fantastic deals on everything you’ll need. Square end mills, round end mills, full form thread mills, single pitch thread mills, variable end mills, aluminum end mills, 6 flute end mills, chamfer mills, drill mills, center drills, spot drills, stub drills, and jobber drills are among the products available in their catalog.

All of Online Carbide’s tools are produced entirely of high-quality solid carbide, with no cheap carbide tips or coatings. Tools with coating choices are also available to assist protect your end mills and drill bits from wear. You can contact a member of the Online Carbide team at [email protected] if you have any queries about their inventory.

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