Putting The Best Plus In African Dresses

A magnified emphasis on the utilization of African prints and textiles has been the talk of the town nowadays in relation to celebrating culture and style. Plus size African dresses have also become the topic on runways and are often been head turners for the past couple of decades. For a considerable amount of time, African fashion has been misinterpreted as ethnic and strange directly related to leopard skins and mud cloths which is evidently way more than that.

Next to Asia, Africa happens to be the second-largest continent on the planet with varied African fashion stories influenced by status and colonialism. With the rise of African fashion nowadays that is commonly seen on TV and movies, it’s hard to keep up, but that doesn’t stop most African fashion fans around the world. This is true for all young Africans around the globe trying to get in touch with their roots, learning and wearing the story of Africa. Thanks to social media—which played a massive role in promoting African fashion all over the world.

Choosing the best Plus size African dresses
Carefully setting up a wardrobe worthy of your taste always has something to do with sustainable clothes that fit. Regardless of your size or skin tone, choosing the style that will last long no matter the “trend” and made with better quality materials that don’t hurt the planet will look definitely good on anyone.

Although there are some women who have been having a hard time feeling empowered in the clothes they choose, especially dresses. Pro tip: The secret to looking fabulous in your clothes is to dress for your body type that highlights the areas that make you. Check out this guide on the best-plus size African dresses that will help you find your style.

This type of dress contours a body type of an hourglass shape. It’s fitted everything at the upper torso and creates a beautiful flare out at the waist creating the shape of the letter A. No matter the body type, A-line dresses are excellent in hiding unwanted bulges you don’t want to be emphasized.

Plus-size A-line dresses are definitely the choice for curvaceous women. These dresses pucker at the slimmest part of your torso which is the upper waist part just beneath the bust. It beautifully draws attention from the top down to the gorgeous fall of the drapes below the bust.

African Kaftan by Advance Apparels
This is the style, everyone loves when they just want something that hangs freely and doesn’t hug them anywhere. The kaftan is also great for square body shapes with little waist definition who wants just a casual-cool style and loose-fitting garments.

In addition to various styles, beautiful colors, and sizes of dresses, Advance Apparels is also part of the sustainable fashion movement that uses ecologically friendly materials. Advance Apparels also offers a generous amount of plus-size African dresses in different cuts, styles, and colors that compliment the wearer’s body shape no matter what it is. Check out their website so you get the full idea and see which style fits you best.

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