Seven Draws of the SS3 LED Off Road Lights at Diode Dynamics

If you have wanted to add LED off road lights to your vehicle for a while now but haven’t been able to find a convenient solution that meets your needs, consider the Stage Series 3 (SS3) LED light pods available at Diode Dynamics.

They’re ideal for use as off road lights, but they’re also practical for street legal use as auxiliary lights or fog lights. Here’s what makes the difference.

1. Better optical focus

The SS3 LED pods available at Diode Dynamics make use of the company’s proprietary TIR optics, also known as total internal reflection. Far superior even than deeply cupped reflected, Diode Dynamics’ TIR Optics direct all of the light output exactly where you need it, resulting in less glare and loss of light to scattering.

The resulting output appears brighter, crisper and better focused, exactly what you need when you’re serious about getting out there off the trail.

2. They’re road legal for use as fog lamps or aux lights

Some jurisdictions may have stringent requirements for what lighting is legal for on road and off road use, requiring drivers to be extra careful when they are going back and forth between trail riding and on-road driving.

Diode Dynamics’ LED light pods are also SAE compliant and legal for on-road use, either as fog lamps or even as a supplement to your high beams. If you need a bright, reliable solution for LED off road lights that you can also use when you’re on the road, these should fit the bill admirably.

3. They’re plug and play – no extensive wiring needed

A problem with some LED replacements for automotive lighting is that they can require extensive rewiring, but the SS3 pods available at do not. They’re true plug and play replacements, intended to be compatible with your vehicle’s current electrical infrastructure. No extensive wiring or rewiring needed!

4. They come with a durable housing

They’re also built tough. These off road light pods are made with a durable, extruded, powder coated aluminum housing that will both protect the light itself and last for many years.

5. They’re resistant to moisture intrusion, corrosion and even vibration

As for the reliability of the off road lights themselves, they’re resistant not only to moisture intrusion and corrosion, but also even resistant to vibration. This makes them uniquely suited to stand up to the hard-use of recreational off-roading.

6. They’re compatible vehicle specific mounts that require no modding, cutting or drilling

In addition to the fact that these LED pods are designed as plug and play solutions, they’re also compatible with a wide range of vehicle specific mounts and mount kits that are CAD designed for direct-fitment on those vehicles and require no modding, cutting, drilling or alterations. The mounts and kits are compatible with factory mounting points and Diode Dynamics even has a Vehicle Finder Tool that makes it that much easier to find the kit you need to mount them to your car, truck or Jeep.

Since they’re compatible with a wide variety of mounts, they’re not just useful for illuminating the area in front of your vehicle. They can be used as ditch lights or mounted elsewhere on your vehicle as well, and are available in a wide range of beam patterns.

They complement the other off road lights available at Diode Dynamics, which include but are not limited to LED light bars in a variety of sizes, as well as turn indicators, tail lights, accent lights and more, many of which are designed to provide optimum lighting performance for off road vehicles.

To learn more about these expertly designed and developed off road lights, visit their website, or get in touch with them via phone or email at 314-205-3033 or at [email protected], respectively.

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