Should I Buy A New Or Refurbished iPad mini?

Last September we witnessed the introduction of the new iPad Pro, its most advanced and powerful Apple tablet to date. The 12.9-inch device now packs some serious power sporting the new M1 high-performance chip, promising zippy response times and strong processing capabilities. The unit also comes with more storage, climbing up to 64GB and 256GB, and a front-facing camera with higher resolution for better video quality.

Apple clearly put some effort into the visual aspects of this device with their Liquid Retina DR display. Some say it is just a cool made-up name they gave to their min-LED tech. However, that does not stop it from being nothing short of amazing.

However, the new iPad mini didn’t get that much love. In fact, many have pointed out that both the 2020 and the 2021 models actually share too many features and that the differences do not justify us running to the store to get a new shiny iPad.

For example, both models sport an 8 MegaPixel rear camera with no discernible differences. Their screen size is the same at 2160×1620 resolution, and both are compatible with Apple Pencil. In terms of battery life, Apple´s own numbers indicate that both have identical capacities. They even look pretty similar aesthetically, with no glaring differences between the two.

The lack of a USB-C port on the newer model is something that not many users appreciate since many devices and peripherals still use this channel to communicate with their tablets.

None of this would deter Apple users who always need to have the latest version of the iPad. However, the version does not really offer anything revolutionary. It feels like Apple just wanted to do some small incremental refinements instead of coming up with something that felt completely new.

Add all that to the fact that Apple just announced that they were cutting down iPad production in half due to the current ship shortage, pushing delivery times further away into next year. It does not seem like a good year for getting a brand new iPad if you ask me.

Right now, those who want to get their hands on a reliable and amazing tablet without having to pay a premium for dancing to Apple´s beat should get a refurbished iPad.

As stated before, the 2020 model offers almost the same features as the newer release, but without the elevated price tag or shipping delays. Plus, their price dropped significantly since Apple announced their new series, allowing refurbished iPad deals to yield a lot more bang for your buck. The 2020 iPad mini is completely compatible with the recent iPadOS 15, making it Monterey ready for dragging and dropping content to and from your other Apple devices.

Finding a reliable refurbished iPad seller can be tricky with all these marketplaces offering used Apple products. We recommend Mac of All Trades because of their professional service and reliability. They have been around for decades and back all of their certified refurbished products with a free hardware warranty. You can’t go wrong with Mac of All Trades.

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