Should I Get a Pioneer DJ Turntable?

After you have spent some time with DJ controllers and CDJs, the vinyl bug will inevitably start to bite. No matter how much technology evolves over time, there is always something that makes us look back to simpler times and wonder how professional DJs of yore were able to deliver such brilliant mixes without all the bells and whistles that are now present in almost every element used by DJs today.

Now, I have tried a fair share of newer record decks along with my DJ gear. After all, what good is it to have crates full of awesome music from distant eras collecting dust at home?

Vinyl turntables provide a distinct feeling and a completely different texture to my jogging. However, I knew there was something missing. The needle goes too heavy into the grooves, the platter felt too lightweight, and the arm kept getting in the way. I thought the problem was me being used to smaller and more precise digital jog wheels from DJ controllers, but I wanted to try a professional Pioneer DJ turntable and see if there was any difference.

I went with the PLX-1000 Pioneer Dj turntable because it is the one everyone in my crew is always talking about.

The setup of this model is incredibly simple, and I was able to connect it directly into my laptop via USB, but it can be plugged directly into a mixer via RCA analog outputs.

The construction and materials are incredibly high-quality. The first thing I noticed when manipulating the platter and attempting some jogging was the accuracy and consistency provided by the high torque direct drive, which can go from 0 to 33/3 RPM in 0.3 seconds.

These are now industry standards as most pro DJ brands have ditched belt drive motors. However, the Pioneer PLX-1000 really transmits the strength into your fingers, making it incredibly responsive and balanced.

The switch drive is a pleasure to use and allows for granular control of your BPMs to match your tracks for seamless transitions.

The PLX-1000 Pioneer DJ turntable is definitely made for clubbing. Its construction makes it incredibly stable at 32lb of weight, making it incredibly bump resistant. Also, the s-shaped tonearm never gets in the way, and it is gimbal-supported for added precision. This thing can be rocked off the table and continue playing like nothing happened.

It is an incredible addition to your DJ rig, extending the range of tracks you can play during your show. It also adds a lot of stage cred since nothing beats the swag of a full-sized vinyl platter spinning on your deck.

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