Signs that will tell you that your metal roof needs repair

At some point of time, you might come across the question if you need to replace your metal roof. The answer to this question is metal roofs will not need replacement until it is the right time to do it. Now the next question is how to know the right time to replace your metal roof. Here are the sure signs that will tell you your metal roof will need replacement.

What the paint will tell you
If the paint on your metal roof panel has touched the 30-year limit in case of standing seam metal roof, it is the right time to go for replacing the roof. Most major metal roof panels go by a patented process to apply a coat of paint known asKynar 500 in case of standing seam metal sheets. The functions of this paint include protecting the metal roof from weather elements and prevent the color you choose from fading out. Upon the expiry of the paint warranty, you must think of replacing the standing seam metal roof.

Damage to the painted finish of the metal roof panels
Also in case of standing seam metal roofs, if any damages are noticed on the painted finish like dents and scratches, the lifespan of the metal roof is bound to shorten. This could have resulted due to falling branches or hails. It can also happen when tradesmen walk on the roof or when painters spill the paint on the roof panel and then use chemicals to clear the paint off. While the reasons could be anything, the damage to Kynar 500 finish on the metal roof will tell you that it will need replacement.

Wallowing of the fasteners
In case of a screw down metal roof, the fasteners could have been exposed through top of the panels. Due to the absence of contraction and expansion, these fasteners can get wallowed out making them get too big for the screws holding the metal panels down. Replacing the screws in the right time with larger screws can set right the problem and prevent any leaks. It can also give way to wind getting beneath the panels and lifting them up.

Usually during the annual maintenance inspection the local roofing contractor will check the wallowing of fasteners and will take the right steps to rectify the issue. Hence you can never underestimate the importance of maintenance contract that can save you a lot of hassles and serious problems demanding the burning of your pocket.

Also look for storm damage to the metal roof panels. If they cause larger dents and scratches to the metal roof panels, it is good to go for replacement with the help of a reliable residential roofing repair company.

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