Simple tips to extend your car’s life

Your car is a significant investment you have made passionately. Your job as the car owner does not end after buying your car. You need to give it a bit of regular maintenance to see that it works well for years giving you the best value for your hard earned money. Here are a few simple tips to extend the life of your car.

Regular wash
When you have bought your car anew, it is natural that you will want to keep it shining like a mirror. However, as the days go by, your motivation to clean your car regularly might come down. Factors like the sludge of the roads, salts in the atmosphere and pollutants in the air along with dust can ruin the appearance of your car within a short time and hence a regular car wash can help extend the life of your car.

Check the fluid levels
Any manufacturer will usually advise the car owners to check the fluid levels including the coolant and brake fluid. If you do not know how to do this, refer to your car manual and follow the procedure. Brake oil and coolant must be flushed and replaced once in every few years.

Do not fill from recently filled petrol pumps
When the petrol is filled in the pumps, the sediments in the underground tanks can stir up and clog your fuel filters and injectors. In some cases, this might necessitate a repair. It is therefore good to avoid those petrol pumps that have been recently replenished.

Do not put your car keys on a keychain
The additional heavy weight caused by the bunch of keys can place an additional strain on the ignition tumbler. When the car bounces, heavy key bunch can lead to failure of the ignition switch.

Fix the chips in the windscreen ASAP
If you spot any chips on your windscreen, they are good to be fixed sooner than later. If you do not take the car to a service center to fix the chips, chips can turn into cracks eventually forcing the replacement of the whole screen.

Maintain the cleanliness of the car interiors
Interior cleanliness is a topic often neglected by car owners. It is necessary to keep the car interiors tidy so that your car retains its resale value over a long period. Especially this is necessary in case of light color interiors. Once in a while a car cleaning company can give your car a thorough wash.

Inspect the depth of the tyre tread
Most car owners never think of their car tyres till the time they blow out on the road. As per the general guideline, the tread depth must be not less than 1.5 mm. Therefore, check the wear indicator bars around the tyres in regular intervals.

Change the air filters
Dirty or blocked air filters can impact the performance and may lead to more fuel consumption. Switch them out at least once in a year. If you frequently drive through dusty roads, you must change the air filters more frequently.

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