Start 2022 Off Right with These Top CAA MCK Accessories

If you ever wish you could pair the close-range stopping power of your handgun with the adaptability, stability, and expandability of a sporting rifle, there’s no need to run out and get an AR chambered in .50 Beowulf.

Simply get an MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) that’s compatible with your handgun. In a matter of seconds, you can drop your handgun into an MCK and start expanding with these top CAA MCK Accessories from Command Arms Accessories.

● CAA MCK OPS One Point Sling Swivel Combo (with Push Button)
This sling/sling mount combo is the ideal CAA MCK accessory to free your hands and keep your MCK close at hand, protecting you and securing your weapon platform. It’s lightweight, strong, ergonomic, and easy to attach and detach thanks to the push-button operation.

● MCK Thumb Rests
They seem like ho-hum CAA MCK accessories until you realize how much they boost the ergonomics of the MCK platform. Drop these thumb rests onto an MCK and enjoy greater comfort and stability.

● MCK Integral Front Flashlight
They say what you can’t see can kill you, and it’s true. An easy-to-use, durable, MCK compatible WML like this one will help you establish PID in less time and train with greater confidence, giving you the ability to connect with targets, even in the dark.

● CAA USA Micro Brass Catcher
Snap this brass catcher onto your CAA MCK and wrangle up all your spent brass. Combat the ammo crisis, feed your reloading hobby and comply with range rules in one fell swoop.

● CAA Micro Red Dot Sight
When seconds matter, you may not have time to line up iron sights. That’s why reflex sights can be superior in certain CQB encounters. They allow you to keep an open sight picture and to point and shoot reflexively. Be better prepared with a red dot sight.

● CAA MCK Flip Up Back Up Sights
At the same time, you should never shoot a platform that doesn’t have backup iron sights. These will fold out of the way until you need them – at which point you’ll appreciate their durability, resilience, and lack of reliance on battery power.

● MCK Integral Front Green Laser
While red dot sights can decrease time to target acquisition, a laser sight like this one can also assist with making rapid shots in succession and shooting reflexively, even if you have to shoot offhand.

● MCK Glass Breaker
Why carry extra tools to break through obstacles when you could mount one right to the front of your MCK?

● MCK Stock
An MCK is stable on its own – pair it with a stock and enjoy rifle-like stability and greater confidence.

● MCK Handle Grip Kit
These enhanced rubber grips, specifically designed for CAA MCK Micro Conversion kits, improve comfort, help with recoil management, and enhance control of the platform. Pair it with the stock mentioned above and reap the rewards.

● MCK Aluminum Top Picatinny Rail
There’s plenty of room for expansion on an MCK – but do you need more? If so, add a section of aluminum pic tail to the top of the MCK and trick it out with a scope or other high-quality optics.

● MCK Bipod
Double up on stability with a stock for your MCK as well as a bipod. Anything past 50 yards requires a stable shooting platform, and a bipod will give you just that.

● MCK Mag Extension
If for whatever reason you feel your MCK is underequipped or under capacity, extend it with a magazine extender and shoot for longer between reloading. (Even though it’s not officially a CAA MCK accessory, we suggest picking up a speed loader too.)

Do these sound like bestsellers? It’s because they are. You can find every one of these CAA MCK accessories online at MCS Gearup ( and they’re listed here in descending order of popularity. Just check the list above to see for yourself.

Whatever you need for your MCK and your handgun, be it a Sig Sauer, a Glock 17, or a Smith & Wesson, check out MCS Gearup and save. They also have polymer grips, stabilizer braces for pistols, and advanced upgrade kits for MCKs and Micro Roni Conversion Kits. Check out their website and give them a call at 239-848-6757 if you have any questions.

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