Styling with Fox Fur: Quick Tips for a Limitlessly Luxurious Look

Move over, mink, and steer clear, sable. Rich and beautiful as these (and other types) of fur are, when it comes to a deep pile of decadent, soft, unbelievably warm fur with metallic highlights, it’s hard to beat fox fur. Here are some tips for styling with a few different popular types of fox fur garments.

Fox Fur Coats

In the world of fox fur fashion, coats reign supreme. Because fox fur is so puffy, you can effortlessly make it an accent piece for formal wear.

Try pairing a fox coat with slacks or skinny leggings, with either knee high or ankle boots, depending on the look you are going for; both can work wonders.

Another tip when picking out garments to pair with a fox fur coat is to choose not only based on the color of the fur, but the highlights. Pair neutral colors, like gray, black and white, with fur that has white or silver highlights, and warmer colors, like red, amber, or beige earth tones with fur that has copper or golden highlights.

The same goes for your jewelry and the hardware on your bag, belt, or boots. Align this with the aesthetics of your coat’s highlights for a dazzling look.

Fox Fur Shawls and Stoles

Not feeling a coat, or perhaps it’s too warm? Consider styling with a shawl or a stole. These garments, typically worn draped over the shoulders or around the neck, are better in warmer weather.

One solid tip for styling with a fur shawl or stole (fox or otherwise) is to pair it with a fur-trimmed hat or boots; these will add depth and harmony to the outfit. Just make sure you coordinate according to style and color!

Newfangled Fox Fashion: Try a Fox Section Jacket on For Size 

One style that has really taken off in recent years is the use of fur sections because they produce an unconventional look and are highly economical.

Fur section coats are absolutely tops for those that appreciate bohemian and avant-garde aesthetics. The patchwork look of a fur section jacket also makes it a versatile piece of streetwear, thanks to its down-to-earth, rugged look.

A fox section jacket gives you a little more flexibility with dressing up or down; you can pair a jacket with jeans and boots like Doc Martens, and even wear one open over a graphic tee of your choosing – although that will produce a very different look from the haute couture with which fox is often associated!

Why Fox Fur?

If you’re reading these tips and like them, and are wondering, “why fox?” then leave with this.

Fox fur is one of the warmest furs commercially available, and possesses a very deep, soft pile, available in a rainbow of colors ranging from red to white to silver to black, and a variety of warm earth tones.

Also, when properly cared for, it will last for many years, making a fox fur garment a true piece of heirloom fashion.

Discover Fox Fur Fashion

Interested in some of the styles mentioned here? Discover a world of possibilities online at They carry a wide variety of fox fur garments, including coats, shawls, stoles, and vests (they even have a few reversible jackets) as well as mink, rabbit, chinchilla, sable, shearling, and much more.

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