Surplus Firearms Are Worth It (Here’s Why)

Some gun owners are like car owners in the sense that they prefer new to used. In some ways, the analogy is strikingly apt; with a new car, you don’t know its history or how it’s been kept. The same could be said for used or surplus firearms.

However, there is something unique about surplus guns (including military surplus firearms) that can make it more than worth your while to shop for them. Consider the following arguments.

  1. Find exclusive models you can’t get otherwise

With specific respect to military platforms, some of these have never been adapted into civilian models and are only available as used or surplus guns. Firearms like the Lee-Enfield, Mosin-Nagant and SKS might be owned by civilians, but most of these came into private hands through military channels. If you’re interested in a military-developed and produced model, surplus might be your only avenue.

  1. Get a ridiculous deal if you’re lucky

Another reason to shop surplus deals is because you can often get excellent quality firearms for very, very cheap. While you’re going to be paying market rates for new firearms, buying used or surplus is a much more loosely defined market. Sometimes it’s hard to define going rates, and regardless, you can sometimes get a great deal anyway.

  1. Find a like-new firearm and pay a song

The other thing about surplus is often you can find firearms in excellent condition that have been well-maintained, potentially not even used in service, that are priced well-below accepted rates. Think of it this way – surplus is surplus – there’s too much and whoever is selling it (usually the government or a contracted provider) has to get rid of it. It costs them money to hang onto it and they’re willing to part with it.

  1. Each one has unique character and tells a story

There is pride in owning a new gun, but with a surplus model, there’s a unique, individual history behind each piece. Each stock and barrel bears scars and a unique patina that tells a tale. There is something to be said for that, and a value that cannot simply be matched with the purchase of a new firearm whose character has yet to develop.

  1. It’s owning a piece of history

Finally, for collectors, shopping for surplus guns is like shopping directly through the annals of history. Every gun has its own unique story and each model has earned its place somewhere in the pages of human history. Some collectors collect for the value of the memory and not the functionality of the piece – for these buyers, surplus deals are unbeatable.

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