That Glass Pipes Near Me For A Weekend Stag Party

Bachelor parties have come a long way from a simple dinner and drinks to a destination weekend where everyone can get high if they want to. With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in several states, the formerly mediocre bachelor parties have become quite the most unforgettable pre-wedding event that could happen to any guy who’s about to get married—and his friends. Glass pipe hunting has also gotten so much better these days because of the abundance of results when you search for “glass pipes near me“.

If you’re the designated party planner, you have to take note of all the details involving the most unforgettable stag party of the year, and this includes even the most minute element for the weekend. Other party planners would include mini alcohol bottles, a few aspirins, a barf bag, and a humidor of Cubans, but you can always take things to a new level and throw in a couple of glass pipes for a pot session instead. However, for this part, you need to set a few rules for the other guys to follow so no harm can come out of it, and if you’re lucky, the groom will look back on the day with you being the most badass party planner of the decade. Not too shabby, right?

Pack a Couple
Sharing a single glass pipe is both unsanitary for everybody and a stingy look on you. On top of that, you can’t have the groom sharing his glass pipe for the rest of the guys, he’s the man of the hour, he’s entitled to get his own. But if he insists on sharing his pipe with the other guys, he should take the first hit before anyone else. Anyone could leave their DNA on the mouthpiece if they’re the kind who slobber all over the stuff, so having a few extra pipes intended for them is the safest way not to bum everyone out.

Avoid Rolling Products
There will always be a real phony in the group who would volunteer to roll a joint just so he could come off as an expert roller and that everyone will owe him the fun they had because of his rolling skills. Risking this could result in a waste of product and his attitude will surely ruin the fun. So, to avoid any of these things from happening the party planner should look for “glass pipes near me” and purchase glass pipes instead of rolling papers.

No Peer Pressure
Just like cigarette smoking, not everybody enjoys taking a hit on a cannabis-filled glass pipe. Be respectful of others’ choices so that everyone could have fun. On top of that, it’s not a good idea for everybody to get high at a party. There should always be someone in charge to call a cab or pay the bill so the rest can go back to the hotel debt-free. If you have a non-cannabis smoker in the group they may become your designated paymaster.

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