The Advanced Features of the Hobie Lynx Equipped with the MirageDrive

The Hobie Lynx equipped with Hobie’s MirageDrive is a fishing machine, and despite the fact that it is smaller, lighter, and less intensely equipped than other fishing kayaks, it’s still loaded up with features that make it fisherman-friendly.

Such as the following:

● Ace-Tec Construction: The heart of the Hobie Lynx is its lightweight hull with Ace-Tec Construction. It features a molded, watertight EPS foam core surrounded by several layers of fiberglass and thermoformed skin, topped by a deck pad. It is exceptionally strong and lightweight, while also remaining fairly stable.

● MirageDrive 180 with forward and reverse: While the Hobie Lynx is still paddle-power capable, it is still configurable with a MirageDrive 180 pedal system that enables instant, seamless forward and reverse, with full power, making it a snap to explore new waterways, efficiently and effortlessly.

● Kick Up Fins: Trolling motors and other means of propulsion (besides paddles) are plagued by underwater obstacles, but not Hobie’s MirageDrive 180 propulsion system, which is made with kick-up fins that automatically retract on impact with a submerged obstacle. This gives this drive system unparalleled shallow-water access.

● Sail-Compatible: Even this little Hobie fishing kayak is configurable with Hobie’s compatible Sail Kit, making it possible for you to convert this little kayak to sail power for unbelievable ability to tackle the big water, with less effort from you.

● Comfortable seating: The Hobie Lynx may be small but it doesn’t leave comfort at the dock. It’s equipped with comfortable, elevated seating with breathable, quick-drying Mono Mesh fabric that is comfortable in most conditions and will keep you dry even during hot, muggy days on the water. And for comfort – it even has a cup holder!

● Lightweight: The Hobie Lynx is, if for nothing else, a marvel of engineering for its lightweight design. At only 47 lbs, it’s surreally light, easy to transport, easy to portage, and quite capable of being loaded onto the top of a car, van or truck, even by one person.

● Easy to transport: It’s made with rear-loading skid pads, making transportation a breeze, and it even features a stackable design, so if you own a fleet, they’re easy to arrange and store.

● Stability and traction: You might think a little kayak like this might be frisky, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Lynx is more than stable enough to stand in, and on that front, it’s equipped with non-slip deck pads that offer you suitable traction even in less than hospitable conditions.

● Adequate bow storage: There isn’t a huge bow hatch, like there is with some other fishing kayaks, but there’s still plenty of room for storage and a large tie down area so you can organize packs, tackle, and any other gear you brought along for the excursion.

● Molded-in track system for accessories: The Hobie Lynx is pre-configured with a track system for mounting Hobie fishing accessories (and others). Small though it is, it wants not for the ability to expand its utility. Think of the Lynx as the perfect complement to an ultra-lightweight angler’s overall outfit. Though not related to the track system, it’s also fish finder and power pole compatible.

Is a Hobie Lynx for You?
Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Hobie Lynx fishing kayak before the spring comes in earnest? You better start researching now if you still have questions because there are going to be a lot of specifications and features for you to get through.

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