The Advantages of Metal Halide Bulbs

These days, LEDs gobble up most of the attention of lighting specialists and those looking for retrofits and replacement bulbs simply because they are so energy efficient. That, paired with their far-reaching suite of collective benefits, like long lifespan, excellent light output, and recyclability, makes them highly popular in many settings.

LEDs, however, are not the definitive solution for lighting, and despite the fact that they have so many draws, other lighting technologies are not without their comparative strengths. Take metal halide bulbs, for example, which still maintain a faithful audience because of a few specific strengths.

Metal halide bulbs, which produce visible light by passing an arc of electricity between two electrodes through a mix of mercury vapor and metal halide salts, burn fairly efficiently and with very bright light. They have been very popular for a long time for outdoor area lighting, such as in the illumination of arenas, parks, stadiums, and parking lots. They’ve also been used as street lights. As popular as they are for outdoor area lighting, they can also be used indoors in factories, warehouses, and other large gathering spaces, such as retail locations. They’re great for a lot of locations that require a high-intensity light source.

One of the main reasons they are so popular is for their bright light output. Metal halide lamps can produce an extremely bright white output which is ideal for large area lighting, although they can also be found in a variety of color temperatures providing varying CRI, or color rendering index, performance.

Also, since metal halide (A.K.A. MH) lamps are much more energy-efficient than incandescent lights and halogen bulbs, they’re preferred to those alternatives, especially in situations where bright lighting and faithful color rendering are important, such as indoors lighting commercial and highly trafficked places.

Metal halide lamps, like incandescent and halogen lights, have lifespans that vary according to usage levels and setting, but it is not uncommon for MH lamps to outlast incandescents and halogens by a factor of ten or even longer. That means that in some situations a switch to MH bulbs, or using them in lieu of the aforementioned alternatives, can be a big money saver.

In addition to the fact that they last longer, metal halide lamps are also much more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and halogens. This also saves money and coupled with the fact that they last longer, makes them very attractive in some settings.

It is true that metal halide lamps produce a fair amount of heat, but in outdoor settings where there is good heat dissipation and for which high light output and light quality are requisite, it might not be a concern. It’s just something to consider.

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