The Argument for Picture Name Tags

The argument for professional forms of ID has been made a thousand times over and no one is contradicting it. Your employees need some form of identification, often with unique identifiers like an employee ID number or an RFID tag installed that will assist the fluidity of your operations.

Professional ID helps you track performance and attendance and streamlines security. Identification can help secure a location and admit only specific individuals to enter or access documentation or resources held therein. The value of picture name tags significantly adds onto the value of other forms of professional identification.

While RFID and unique employee identifiers (like numbers) are helpful for record keeping, on a personal level they really aren’t worth all that much. What your professional name tags need is something much more approachable, something much more human. What they need is a picture of the employee that bears them!

The reason for this is simple. Locks and checkpoints might take note of numbers and frequencies, but people largely don’t. What they recognize are faces and voices, and if you have anyone, say, in security, actually checking name badges for accuracy, the easiest way to skirt the system is with a fleet of badges that don’t actually have the image of the person whose identity they are supposed to validate.

It’s not so easy to try to circumvent security when you have a picture of yourself on your actual name badge. Of course, the badge should bear your name and some other relevant and unique information as well, but that’s not something most people take note of. Adding pictures to your name tags is an easy way to boost security and give your entire operation a much more human feel.

By the way, it actually is easy to make the switch if you aren’t currently using photo name tags. You just need to know which provider can set you up with a quality fleet of name tags to which your employee’s likenesses can be applied. You might think of it as a headache, but with the cost-effective solutions and options for customization available at Imprint Plus, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t roll out full color photo ID badges or custom name tags years ago.

Imprint Plus offers a wide range of high quality photo name tags on top of other types of plastic and metal name badges, many of which are reusable. In addition, they offer extensive options for customization, design and printing, all of which you can access with a quick and easy visit to

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