The Beauty of a French Oak Table in Any Room

When decorating your home, one of the first design elements you will be advised to get is the furniture. These are staple pieces in the home and ones that fill a significant portion of the room, so it is wise to start with these pieces before moving on to other elements of home design.

As you shop around for furniture and look for pieces to fill the rooms in your home, you will likely find that it is easiest if you start out with bigger details and then move on to smaller ones. Tables, for example, are major elements of living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. They often become a centerpiece for the room, giving you something to frame everything around, so we should start off there.

As for the materials, we are huge proponents of quality wood furnishings. Well-made wooden furniture can last you years, even decades potentially if you are careful to keep things in good condition. We recommend looking at French oak in particular for its classic, subtle grain pattern which can be used with just about any style of decor in the home. A French oak table can add a lot to any room you need to purchase a table for, so be mindful that you have options in this regard. You can find a high-quality French oak table to furnish different rooms in the home and play different roles.

The exact design depends on your preferences, but we can at least provide some recommendations and give you some ideas for what you can buy for your home. Here are a few examples of different types of tables you can buy in a French oak finish.

Dining Room Table
The dining table is going to be seen by many people including family and friends who come over to visit, so it greatly sets the stage in the room for your guests. You want this to be a beautiful, standalone piece that looks classic and simple, but still beautiful enough to fill the room without much else. French oak is a great choice for this role because it is attractive but not overdone.

Accent Side Table
An accent table plays a very different role in a room than a dining room table, so you might think to look for a completely different style and wood finish altogether, but in reality, having the same material brings the furniture together and makes the space feel more cohesive in design. A French oak accent side table can add a classic charm to a room by the seating, without distracting from everything else you have set up.

With all of these ideas of how you can decorate your home using wood furniture, you may already have an idea of what kind of French oak table you want for your home, or even if you want more than one piece to create some cohesion in your styling.

However you choose to put the pieces together is up to your needs and preferences, so you can make any style work for you. A French oak table is a good starting point for furnishing your home and beginning to put all the pieces together to create a single, cohesive style that really feels like home. If you are interested in taking a look at some of your options for French oak tables and other types of furniture made from French oak, we definitely suggest visiting to look at some of the pieces they have there. They offer lots of beautiful vintage-inspired furniture in wood finishes, so you will be sure to have plenty of options for side tables, console tables, dining room tables, and more.

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