The Best Discount Cigars & Tobacco

So you are a big fan of smoking, you love a nice long puff from a cigar or the smell of tobacco straight out of the pouch. You love smoking, but you don’t always love the prices. You like getting your hands on discount cigars and tobacco, but not at the cost of quality going downhill. Thankfully there are enough options out there for you to not have to choose. You can have it both ways with discount cigars and tobacco that are high quality but reasonably priced. If you know just where to look, you can easily find some good, affordable cigars and tobacco, plus the accessories to go with them.


For the cigar smokers out there, a good call for finding quality cigars at a decent price is by buying bundles. Dive right in and get a bundle of cigars from your favorite brand, or one from a line that claims the right strength and certain flavors you know you prefer. A bundle deal on cigars that are already well priced is savings on savings. Not only are they decently priced on their own but the bundle pricing means you get to save more money on cigars you already wanted to buy anyway. This is good for the main bulk of cigars you are planning on smoking. But a good way to treat yourself is to purchase cigar sampler packs. For a discounted price, you can try a mix of different cigars that you probably have never tried before, but are curious about. It saves on buying them individually, but it is still a fun way to go outside of your comfort zone.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to forget about the accessories to go along with your cigars. It’ll be challenging to cut your cigar properly without a good cigar knife, also well priced. And of course, you can’t leave out a lighter to get the first smoke going.


Tobacco smokers are right there on the same boat as cigar smokers in wanting to enjoy their pastime without breaking the bank on a regular basis. The good news is that tobacco also doesn’t have to be expensive to be smooth and flavorful. Brands like Lane Pipe Tobacco and Peter Stokkebye sell bulk tobacco, so you can enjoy smoking fairly often, with each time costing little. If buying discount cigars and tobacco by the bulk is just not for you, that’s alright too. You can still enjoy deals in the form of value pipe tobacco from brands like Four Aces or Criss Cross. You can get good quality pipe tobacco at a fair price without having to buy a larger amount than you think you might like. There is no need to splash out on cash to have a leisure activity like smoking tobacco when you can get great quality at great prices. At least in the case of cigars and tobacco, you really do not have to choose.

While you are picking out the tobacco you want, perhaps even with the money you saved, you might want to look out for some new pipe accessories like a discounted tobacco pouch or some new pipe filters. With all these discounted prices, you can expect to do a little more smoking and put these accessories to good use.

Take your time looking around online for cigars and tobacco at the right price point for you. You certainly have no shortage of options for either one in regards to brands, flavors, or package deals. Rocky’s Cigars can help you find plenty of options for discount cigars and tobacco, along with the best accessories to go with them.

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