The Definitive Glock 20 Accessory

If you visit Glock’s website, their official page for the G20 tells you the following, verbatim (or literatim, as it were):

“The use of GLOCK hi-tech polymer considerably reduces felt recoil even in this heavy caliber.”

Leading with talk of felt recoil for the G20 is interesting, to say the least. Let’s not forget that the Glock 20 is chambered in 10mm Auto.

This is the cartridge that the FBI abandoned, claiming it was too powerful for most users to control recoil, and too formidable for the use of training new agents.

So, let’s talk about this cartridge – and gloss one of the most useful Glock 20 accessories out there.

A Helpful Comparison Between the G19 and G20
Before we introduce the most useful Glock 20 accessory you can put your money into, we need to add a little perspective here.

The G20 is chambered in 10mm Auto. The average 10mm Auto round will produce between 600 and 700 ft-lbs of energy, with the most powerful loads exceeding 750 ft-lbs.

For comparison, let’s look at the G19, which is chambered in 9mm. For its part, the 9mm produces about 400 ft-lbs of muzzle energy.

Muzzle energy is one of the prime determinants of felt recoil. You don’t have to be a ballistician, or even a mathematician, to see that 750 is much, much higher than 400. This means that on paper, 10mm Auto produces nearly double the muzzle energy (and therefore double the recoil) of 9mm.

The other piece we have to consider here is the weight of these platforms, as the heavier a pistol is, the more mass it will have to absorb and offset the effects of felt recoil.

All Glock pistols use a proprietary, lightweight polymer frame, but even given that, the G19 is smaller and lighter, at 600g, without a magazine.

The G20 is bigger, but not by much. It weighs 780g without the mag.

Guess what that means. It means there isn’t enough extra mass to offset the raw, unmitigated power of a 10mm Auto round. It means the G20 kicks like a mule.

So, here’s the best Glock 20 accessory you can put your money into: a compensator.

Why You Want This Glock 20 Accessory
A compensator is a muzzle-mounted device that basically does for a pistol what a muzzle brake does for a rifle. It redistributes the way gases exit the muzzle.

In some cases, a compensator for a Glock will port the gases upward, which not only diminishes felt recoil, but helps to keep muzzle jump down, too.

How much, you ask? Well, the Glock compensators available online at Anarchy Outdoors (and compatible with several generations of different Glock pistols) can cut felt recoil by as much as 50% without influencing accuracy or shot power. They can also help enable faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

That’s worth the price, whatever it is, if you ask us.

Where Can You Get It (and Learn More)?
Want to learn more about these and other Glock 20 accessories? Visit Anarchy Outdoors and check out their full collection, which includes magwells, base plates, slide plates, night sights and 3 dot sights, extended mag releases, and much more.

You can also reach them with questions at 800-980-0333.

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