The Healing Properties of The Amethyst Chakra

When looking for an element that brings you calm and positivity in the midst of turmoil and mental hurly-burly, you’re going to need the help of an Amethyst Chakra, associated with the energies of the 7th chakra. While you may already be familiar with our energy centers, our bodies are made up of seven chakras that carry a respective color from the bottom to the top. They function like wheels, and your mood, spiritual, mental, and physical health are all dependent on how fast they spin together.

The feeling of bliss and balanced consciousness is crucial to our everyday life. It makes us feel connected to the divine making us feel fulfilled and in our best self. Having a clear seventh chakra will help you move at ease, without worry, while functioning with your higher self. Amethyst is everyone’s favorite stone in chakra healing. It has this purple glassy luster that makes anyone wearing it as a necklace look so feminine and centered. Let us find out more benefits this precious air element does in our overall healing.

Emotional Healing
Coping with grief and loss can be extremely hard to endure. Coping with a loss is not limited to the passing of someone you love alone. It could be a loss of financial stability, loss of a friendship, a breakup, or even retirement. Often, the pain is so severe that even your body starts to take its toll. With emotional distress comes vague thinking, food, and a sleep-deprived body which could lead to worst-case scenarios. There’s never a right or wrong way to grieve but with the help of an Amethyst gem, all the sadness and the feeling of loss will be unblocked, making it easier for you to move on in life.

Spiritual Healing
This is one of the most important aspects of working with crystals for healing and the chakra system in general. With the right crystals and other spiritual tools, you can find that otherworldly relief and protection from negative energies that could potentially improve your life.

For those struggling with social acceptance, peace, and growth, often has to do with spiritual healing. The concept of spirituality and the significant role it plays in the rehabilitation of our mental health is a crucial step to support spiritual health. With our seventh chakra unblocked, we’ll be able to step out into spiritual enlightenment and ultimately perceive the difference between reality and illusion.

The time is now to get yourself a quick Amethyst Chakra fix, not just for you but for the people that surround you. Keep in mind that a mind that boggles, a body that is deprived of peace and care, and a spirit that suffers makes life a lot harder to live. Visit Energy Artist Julia for your crown chakra healing crystals and a wide variety of spiritual jewelry that will make it easier to heal emotionally and spiritually.

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