The Importance of Hotel Name Tags

The hospitality industry can be brutal yet extremely rewarding. Running or managing a hotel is not a small task and often takes a large team of dedicated employees to make it happen. Everyone from housekeeping to the front desk staff to the managers or owners do their part to make sure the hotel runs smoothly and guests feel comfortable and satisfied. Every last detail adds up and makes guests feel welcome and cared about. Something as simple as an employee name tag can help ease a guest’s mind and make their stay a happy one. Whether you own your own hotel or manage a corporate location it is important to have employee name tags to raise your guest’s experience to the next level.

Unify Your Brand
When trying to build your hotel brand and gain notoriety, a small thing you can do that will have a large impact is get employee name tags with your brand’s logo on them. Employee name tags with a company logo will remind guests where they are staying throughout the length of their trip. When an employee helps them with their stay or special accommodations the customer will see your hotel’s logo and your brand identity will be reinforced. Employee name tags are a small cost for a large return on brand awareness and building a brand identity.

Improve Customer Relationships
When a customer interacts with one of your employees, whether it be with housekeeping or with the front desk staff, it will put their mind at ease to know your employee’s name. Most people would like to know that there is an identity behind the employee that they are working with. Adding an employee name tag creates a sense of familiarity between the customer and your employee and will make the guest feel more comfortable.

Quickly Share Important Information
Employee name tags are not only good for reinforcing your brand and building familiarity, but they are also a great way to convey important information extremely quickly. Besides a name and your logo, name tags can also contain other information about your employees such as their job title, their years with your hotel, and what languages they speak.

A guest can comfortably begin speaking their first language without having to ask since the employee is wearing a name tag that says that they also speak Spanish. A guest can also know if they are talking to a manager or concierge or bellhop without having to ask first. This quick exchange of information saves an employee’s time and also makes guests feel more comfortable knowing more about the employee they are working with.

Hold Employees Accountable
Whether you have amazing employees that deserve recognition or reckless employees that need to be reprimanded, it is important for corporate morale that you have accountability for your workers. Employees, good and bad should be able to be held accountable for their actions while on the clock. When an employee wears an employee name tag, any guest who would like to complain about an employee’s actions or compliment an employee on their excellent service can bring their name to their manager with their thoughts.

Where to Find Quality Hotel Name tags?
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