The Knife Connection has Custom Bushcraft Knives for Sale

When it comes to bushcraft, a good knife is one of the most essential pieces in anyone’s kit. Choosing the perfect knife to take with you when practicing bushcraft has a lot to do with personal preferences, but there are definitely some great options out there. If you are looking for custom bushcraft knives for sale, then The Knife Connection has some great options available.

The Knife Connection is an online knife dealer dedicated to helping their customers find the perfect knife for any task. Their dedication to customer service has helped make them one of the largest online knife retailers in the country. As they have grown, they have continued to offer their customers more great options including custom hand scales, accessories, and even custom bushcraft knives for sale.

If you are interested in your own custom built knife, then their exclusive Knife Builder tool is worth checking out. This tool lets you look at a number of popular knife models from ESEE Knives, Ontario Knife Company, and The Knife Connection’s own Architect Knives. Once you have chosen the knife model that you want to customize, you will be able to choose a range of options to give your knife the look and feel that you are looking for in a bushcraft knife.

These choices include the blade style and color as well as the knife handle scales that you would like on your new knife. Once these options have been chosen, you will be able to select from a list of great accessories to pair with your new custom knife. The first, and most essential option, will be the sheath system to pair with your new knife.

The available sheaths will all depend on the knife model that you have chosen, but their inventory includes plastic, nylon, kydex and leather knife sheaths. You will also typically find MOLLE compatible knife sheaths and a variety of MOLLE accessories like sheath backers and pouches so you can keep all of your small bushcraft essentials in one secure place.

Once you have settled on a sheath system, you can also choose from a variety of accessories to go with your new knife. One of the most popular accessories The Knife Connection offers are their ferro rods, which come in a variety of handle colors to match your new knife handles. These invaluable little fire starting tools are a must have for any bushcraft enthusiast.

You will also be able to pick up some other useful bushcraft accessories including arrowheads, a portable knife sharpener, and even a length of paracord to take with you on your next bushcraft trip. With over a thousand different uses and counting, paracord is one of the most versatile products available for performing bushcraft tasks. You can use your new knife to cut some branches and your paracord to lash those branches together into simple structures. On top of this, you will find plenty of other great ways to put your new custom knife package to use.

If you have been looking for custom bushcraft knives for sale, then now is the perfect time to pay The Knife Connection a visit. With spring upon us and summer quickly approaching, now is a great time to head into the wilderness to practice some survival skills. With The Knife Connection’s Knife Builder, you can put together the perfect bushcraft knife package to bring with you on your next outdoor adventure. If you have any questions about the knives they carry or using the custom Knife Builder tool on their website, then you can reach out to a knife expert by sending an email to [email protected].

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