The Layman’s Guide to Weed Pipes

Going to a smoke shop to find what you need can be intimidating. All the different options of glass pieces, rolling papers, and blunt wraps can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you have never bought any smoking devices before. Doing your research on what you want before you go can help alleviate some of that apprehension.

Glass pieces such as weed pipes are a great place to start for a new smoker because they do not require any practiced skill like rolling joints or blunts do. There are many different types of glass marijuana pipes that come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs. Finding a pipe that fits your needs is most important.

Types of Weed Pipes

Spoon Pipes

Spoon Pipes are the most common form of glass marijuana pipes and are usually around 5.5 inches in length and can fit in your hand quite easily. Spoon pipes have a bowl to hold marijuana, a carburetor on the side of the bowl, and a mouthpiece at the far end. A carburetor is a hole on the side of the bowl that allows air to be drawn in and lets the bowl be cleared of smoke. Covering and uncovering the carburetor while smoking allows for the spoon pipe to be continuously cleared of smoke, which many believe produces a better smoking experience.


One-hitters are also quite popular among new smokers as they are the easiest to use and require the least amount of maintenance. Its name describing it perfectly, one-hitters are just that, meant for one hit. One-hitters are cylindrical in shape and are typically anywhere between 2-4 inches in length. Their shape does not leave much room for the smoking product itself and a smoker can usually only get 1-2 hits of smoke out of 1 bowl pack. However many new smokers love their small size due to their discreteness and portability.


Similar to one-hitters, chillums are also cylindrical in shape, are a little bit larger at 4-4.5 inches, and have larger bowls. One end is used to hold the smoking product and the other end contains a mouthpiece for smoking. Some smokers prefer a chillum to a one-hitter because chillums offer the same discreteness as one-hitters, but hold much more product and allow a smoker to smoke more from one bowl pack.

Sherlock Pipes

Named after the sophisticated Sherlock Holmes, sherlock pipes resemble the pipes he often smoked. With a large bowl and a long arching stem with a mouthpiece, smokers who enjoy these pipes have a taste for the finer things in life and love the novelty of smoking from these beautiful pieces. Sherlock pipes require the most maintenance out of all the dry pieces because the long arching stem can become clogged easily and needs to be cleaned often.

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