The Native Slayer Propel 10: By the Features

Making the decision to get a new fishing kayak is easy enough. What some don’t know is that specialized fishing kayaks actually offer a whole load of benefits over larger aluminum and injection-molded powered vessels.

They are light, fast, much easier to maintain on many levels, and maneuverable enough to get in and out of the shallows and the thick stuff.

Moreover, most of them are stable enough to stand in, and many are purpose-designed to give anglers plenty of room to store their tackle.

With that said, deciding between fishing kayaks can be a challenge. This post will break down one of them, the Native Slayer Propel 10, by its features.

Introducing the Native Slayer Propel 10
By its own reckoning, the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 is the lightest 10’ fishing kayak on the market today. It’s also packed to the gills with features that are designed with the yak angler in mind, such as:

● Lightweight design: Without the drive unit, the Native Slayer Propel 10 weighs only 62 lbs, light enough to throw on a cartop or in the bed of a pickup. Fully rigged, it’s still beneath 100 lbs, at 81 lbs.

● Powerful Propel Pedal Drive: The unique Propel Pedal Drive System offers power and control, with both forward and reverse. It’s fast, too; top speeds vary according to conditions and current, but for most yak fishermen, topping at 3.5 miles per house is a breeze.

● A sharp bow entry design: This helps ensure consistent tracking and easy control of the kayak. It also features a modified tunnel hull and keel that both protect the rudder and ensure superior stability and tracking.

● Easy left-hand rudder control with an impact-resistant rudder mounted at the stern.

● Three rod holders: With a right-hand rod holder within easy reach and two flush-mounted rod holders aft, there is plenty of room for your tackle.

● Rock-solid stability: The wide-open cockpit is clutter-free and the Slayer Propel 10 even has premium deck padding to ensure superior traction when standing. It also boasts an impressive 400 lb capacity.

● Armchair-like comfort: This yak is equipped with a hand-sewn seat with an adjustable inseam for all-day comfort.

● An easy-to-use rail-mount system: Plenty of room for mounting accessories, and compatible with major brands like Railblaza, Scotty, and Ram.

● Two dry storage hatches: One located aft (5”) and one at the bow (17”) with plenty of dry storage for valuables, tackle, and other accessories. There’s also a rear storage well with plenty of room for other gear.

● Padded carry handles that make it easy to load, launch, lift, and transport the Native Slayer Propel 10.

● Made in the United States

Where Can You Get One?
Want to learn more about the Native Slayer Propel 10 before you pull the trigger? You can learn more online at No Bad Days Kayak or get in touch with their customer service for personalized recommendations or suggestions.

Contact them at 512-229-0560 and let them know what features you need in a fishing kayak. Whether it’s the Slayer Propel 10 or something else, they’ll help you find it.

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