The Need for Commercial Sanitizers

Times right now are tough and in more ways than one. There has been quite an emphasis on maintaining cleanliness for a while now, and the need will continue for quite some time. It’s probable that you’ve run into the issue of cleaning products at your local store being sold out of and shelves left empty. That problem has recently gotten better, but on the other hand, it shouldn’t have been a problem in the first place.

There should always be a good selection of cleaning products in your local stores, no matter what. Everyone should have the luxury of keeping themselves and their homes clean and sanitary. Especially during these hard times, it’s been prioritized now more than ever to keep your home, your hands, and anything else clean and sanitized.

It wouldn’t be an anomaly if you keep multiple bottles of hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray within reach at all times. It’s better safe than sorry when thinking about the germs and bacteria we protect ourselves from.

Now when we think about sanitizers, most commonly you will think of the small bottles of hand sanitizer that you can pop in your bag or inside your glove compartment. Those are useful forms of sanitizers, but there are other varieties of sanitizers that are used commercially that keep big commercial spaces clean, too.

There are a few different types of sanitizers that can be utilized in a commercial setting. Some commercial spaces require a certain type of sanitizer to properly clean and disinfect the allotted area. Depending on if the commercial space involves food or food residue like in a restaurant or if it’s an office setting, can determine which type of commercial sanitizer needs to be used.

Here are just a few examples of commercial sanitizers that are commonly used in commercial spaces.

○ Alcohol-based commercial cleaners are very effective when diluted in water. They can kill a wide range of different bacteria. This type of sanitizer can also evaporate quickly, which is great when cleaning things in a rush or in places that need immediate use. These cleaners are also great for cleaning organic matter, like blood or other bodily fluids.

○ This type of cleaner can be used for organisms that are a bit tougher to kill like resistance viruses and some types of bodily fluids. These types of cleaners have a quick turnaround from killing harmful organisms and are relatively affordable. It’s best to be mindful when using this type of cleaner, though, because it can be highly corrosive and may damage certain surfaces.

Hydrogen peroxide-based
○ These types of sanitizers are seen as the most “green” and environmentally friendly option compared to other cleaners. This is due to their chemical makeup and ability to naturally break down into hydrogen and oxygen.

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