The Perfect Charging Case for Juul Lovers

A Juul can be such a lifesaver to people who used to smoke cigarettes. To have something else to use while you are trying to quit smoking is so helpful. However, a major issue that many Juul users notice is how easy it is to lose. Losing your Juul during a night out and being forced to buy a new one the next day is a frustrating experience for more than one reason.

Obviously, it’s a major inconvenience to have to spend more money. One of the main reasons to smoke a Juul in the place is to save money that you would have been spending on cigarettes. Cigarettes can be costly if you are paying for them every week. If you are constantly losing and replacing your Juul vape then that benefit is eliminated completely.

Another serious issue is the time between losing and replacing your vape. For some people, their Juul replacement is the only thing keeping them from diving back into the world of ashtrays. If you were able to have a convenient spot to keep your Juul while you were out so that it wouldn’t get lost wouldn’t that be an enormous help? Luckily there is such a thing now.

The VQ Volt by Vaportronix
The VQ Volt by Vaportronix is the first patented, portable, universal charging case for a Juul. It can attach directly to your cell phone so that you will never lose it. Just place your Juul in the VQ Volt and leave it there until you need it. Don’t worry about placing it down at a bar or restaurant and forced to buy a new one.

Not only is it convenient for the aspect of being able to hold your Juul, but the charging aspect is just as important. In fact, it may be even more amazing. Losing your Juul is obviously a frustrating experience, but having your Juul die while you are out can lead to the same results. If you don’t have a proper way of charging your vape then you’ll be stuck without it for the night. This may lead to temptation or at the very least irritation without a vice.

How It Works
The way the VQ Volt works is that it uses durable magnets that are strong enough to stick to your phone without falling off. However, just because the charger will not fall off does not mean it cannot be removed with ease if desired. If you want to remove it from your phone and place it somewhere else like a desk or nightstand that is completely possible and simple to do.

If you already lost your vape and looking to replace it with a new one then you can get the combo Juul + VQ Volt option from If you still have your Juul and are just looking for a convenient place to store it and/or a simple way to charge it while you are on the go then they have a singular VQ Volt charging case for your Juul available. Visit their site today for an innovative solution to an increasingly popular issue among vape users.

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