The right approach to writing winning tenders

Winning profitable tenders is not a straight forward job. You will need to put in a lot of efforts and follow the right approach to preparing the tenders in a way gaining a winning edge over the others competing with you. Here are the different steps to preparing a winning tender.

Begin with a bid plan
The first step in submitting a successful tender is to have a solid bid plan. This is particularly important when there is a lot of documentation involved. A good bid plan will let you work in collaboration with your team and make sure that you are able to meet the deadline.

Break the entire mission into bits and pieces and assign the roles to the stakeholders stating who is responsible for which section. List out the documents you will need from other departments and create the supporting documents well in advance. It is an obvious fact that you will have to annex a number of supporting documents while submitting the tender. You must first make a list of what documents you might need to attach and get them ready with you in advance. Also keep at least three relevant contracts for giving as examples. Considering the type of contract you want to win, you need to prepare three case studies.

Develop a library for future reference
After you have created the documents, it is always good to file them in a bid library. This will make sure that your future bidding processes come in handy and easy. Also, it is very important to proof read every document you will prepare or attach before sending in order to rule out the possibility of leaving in another buyer’s name in it.

Being accountable for the bid quality
You must put in place, a thorough proofreading. In the bid plan, assign the accountability for this task. While planning the entire process, it is necessary to consider who many people will check the work and who has to be accountable for what. If you rush with this process, you will only end up unsuccessful. If there are spelling, grammar and consistency errors in the documents and attachments, it will go in to indicate the buyer that there had been a lack of attention.

Adding value to the tender
While preparing the bid, it is important to add value. While creating the tender response, keep asking yourself continuously how you are going to add more value to the buyer. Though it is not easy to say how you can meet the requirements, it is necessary to demonstrate how your goods and services will benefit the buyer.

Proven support with tender response
When you wish to have a proven support with the tender writing process, it is always good to take support of the tender writing companies that have a lot of experience in the domain and can do a real good job for you. They can help streamline your processes, suggest what kind of documentation must go with the process, make the entire documentation error free and add more value to the bid proposal.

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