The Role of Custom Name Tags in Offsite Company Events

Custom name tags are an excellent way for companies to promote their brands and create networking opportunities at offsite events. When people wear these name tags, they feel more connected to the company they’re affiliated with.

Customized name tags personalize the event by making it more memorable. They make it easier for attendees to remember names and connect with each other. The memories of the event also last longer when people can refer back to them through their personalized name tag.

The name tag is a common feature at company events that helps people get to know one another.

In a world that’s increasingly becoming digital, it’s the one non-digital thing that can help people match names they probably only see on screens to real faces they see on events. This is how name tags can impact company events.

Name identification can also become critical if you have guests—and you’re likely to have one than none— who are terrible with names.

The tag can serve as a reminder of the wearer’s name. In the business world where most people have egos the size of Texas, remembering names is very important, critical even.
Help your participants avoid potential faux pas and give everyone a name badge to wear.

Hearing someone call you by name can make you feel at ease. You can get your event’s participants to warm up to each other fast by making everyone wear a name tag.

Whether social or business events, name badges can facilitate activities better and help people connect with each other faster.

If you’re holding a networking event where the participants have never met anyone virtually or otherwise, a name badge can help start conversations and move them along. Without a name ID, such events may be less than helpful.

Some Tips for Creating Custom Name Tags
In the flurry of activities and preparations leading to an event, it’s easy to forget name tags, let alone be creative about it. So here are some tips to make cool and functional name badges for your event.

Include a QR Code
With the development of QR code readers for mobiles, QR codes are now everywhere. Why not use it to track information about your participants and make it easy for them to share their info with others as well.

Aside from name and contact information, you can also include social media channels and websites so it’s easier for everyone to connect with each other after the event is finished.

Color Code Your Tags
Aside from names, your tags should also be able to communicate other info. If you color-code your badges, you can share info like the department they belong in, or the industry they’re in if it’s a networking event.

You can also use colors to identify event speakers, organizers, sponsors, and more.

Make The Tags High Quality
The quality of your name badges says a lot about the quality of your event. Consider ordering from a specialty store rather than just DIY-ing it.

These stores have industry-quality printers that can make your name IDs feel and look professional.

Some people take name badges home as a souvenir of the event. So make it something they’ll be happy and proud to take home.

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Imprint Plus has been in business for over 30 years. When it comes to name cards, badges, and signages, Imprint Plus is a name you can trust. Visit their website and contact them today.

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