The Single Best Reason to Pick up an Airsoft Mystery Box

Mystery boxes are nothing new. For many buyers, it capitalizes on the excitement of the unknown, coupled with the anticipation of a package that has something new in it. Almost anyone can sympathize with that latter feeling – but the anticipation of surprise is even greater.

It’s exciting knowing that something is on the way and that it will contain something that will feed your hobbies and interests is even more exciting. But there’s an even better reason that airsoft players get airsoft mystery boxes from MiR Tactical at

Check out their website and you’ll see that they offer a couple of different types of airsoft mystery boxes, priced between $24 and $299, and themed accordingly. Among other things, their collection contains mystery boxes that are guaranteed to come with a new airsoft pistol or new Hi Capa accessories. They even have mystery boxes that they say are totally random.

If you’re a dedicated competitive airsoft player or collector and you feel like you have it all, an airsoft mystery box is a great way to rekindle your passion with the excitement of surprise. The great thing about these mystery boxes is that you never really know what will be included in them, even when they are themed. There’s always the element of surprise, and you could end up with gear or accessories you previously had not heard of.

That makes them exciting if you want to spruce up your collection but you’re not sure what you could add. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, and what you really need is a refresh with something entirely new to give you a new lens on a sport. In this respect, airsoft is the same as other competitive pursuits, and an airsoft mystery box can help by shaking things up with a surprise or two.

Yet there is a far, far better reason that players get so hyped about these mystery boxes, and despite the fact that it’s straightforward, you might not know about it unless you were willing to dig down into the details.

For example, let’s take a look at one of their Mind-Blowing Mystery Boxes, the MiR Mind-Blowing Pistol Mystery Box that’s priced right at the middle of the road, at $99. According to the product listing, it’s guaranteed to contain a metal airsoft pistol – but the devils in the details here. Its contents are guaranteed to be worth at least $125.

This is not an outlier. All of MiR Tactical’s mystery boxes are guaranteed to contain more in products than the asking price of the Mystery Boxes themselves. This means that you’re guaranteed to get a fairly substantial discount just by buying a mystery box. Granted, you can’t really target what you’re going to buy, but if it feels like you already have anything, you can get an automatic discount on new gear with one of their mystery boxes.

They also make great gifts for airsoft players, especially if you aren’t sure about a player’s tastes. If you’d like to give a nice surprise to a friend that’s really into airsoft, you can take some of the pressure of selecting a “good” gift off of yourself by getting that person a mystery box.

So there you have what is arguably the biggest draw for airsoft mystery boxes – price. Get an airsoft mystery box and you will automatically enjoy a discount on some of the top brands and gear in the industry. Check out their collection of mystery boxes online at, and if you have any questions, give them a call directly at 800-581-6620.

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