The Sirona Orthophos XG Family Makes It Easy to Upgrade

The Sirona Orthophos XG family of panoramic X-ray machines is remarkably easy to upgrade to a new Sirona system, especially one with additional features and modalities, such as cone beam functionality. The panoramic and cone beam units have identical footprints, while all units have the same electrical and networking capabilities and offer flexible mount options. Because of their uniformity in design and function, they can easily be upgraded to include additional features without the need for additional construction or electrical costs.

Benefits of Sirona Orthophos XG Panoramic X-Ray Systems
Whether you have just established a practice or you have been running a dental office for years, the Sirona Orthophos XG family of panoramic X-ray machines offers solutions to meet almost any extraoral imaging need and budget.

The Sirona Orthophos XG family provides an easy, intuitive interface that can streamline workflows. It also includes automatic patient positioning tools and support systems to keep patients properly oriented and motionless during exposure, reducing the risk of movement that can necessitate image retakes. Sirona Orthophos XG systems are wheelchair friendly and can be adjusted to provide convenient handicap accessibility.

Sirona Orthophos XG systems offer several panoramic programs, including standard, magnified and orthoradial imaging to name a few. Some select models also include extraoral bitewing capabilities, a convenient alternative to intraoral bitewing programs that some patients find more comfortable and less invasive. Most Sirona Orthophos XG systems also include “child modes,” which capture high-quality panoramic X-rays using a shorter scan time and reduced height and width for pediatric exams. This reduces radiation dose, improving patient safety for your smallest patients. Additionally, the Sirona Orthophos XG family also enables easy integration of most high quality 2D panoramic or cephalometric X-ray images into leading dental imaging software, including Schick, Carestream, Dexis, VIXWIN, Eaglesoft, Apteryx, Dolphin, XDR and more.

Finally, some of these models can be upgraded to include cephalometric and cone beam modality, as the needs of your practice change, and your interest in offering additional services expands to provide both 2D and 3D imaging.

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Sirona Orthophos XG Systems
Below find several highlights from each of the wide range of Sirona Orthophos XG systems, some with standard features, and others with upgradeable functionality.

The Sirona Orthophos XG3 is an entry-level Sirona panoramic machine that is ideal for general dentists for its affordability and basic panorex functions. The Sirona XG3’s easy operation is complemented by the fact that it produces excellent-quality images and features a TWAIN interface, enabling integration with your current practice management or dental imaging software. Some Sirona XG3 systems also include optional extraoral bitewings.

A scalable option is the Sirona Orthophos XG5, which can be upgraded to provide cephalometric imaging, making it a panoramic unit that is ideal for general dental practices that may wish to expand into orthodontics. Affordable, but high-quality, capable of offering optional bitewing programs and expanding into additional capabilities, it is a choice dental X-ray system that can scale with the needs of many practices. Like the Sirona XG3, panoramic and/or cephalometric X-ray images can be integrated into your current dental imaging or practice management software via TWAIN.

The Sirona Orthophos XG 3D Ready panorex is ideal for dental practices that anticipate growth or are interested in providing specialty services in the future. It includes standard and advanced panoramic X-ray programs, optional extraoral bitewings, and can be upgraded to both cephalometric modality as well as small and medium field of view (8x8cm) cone beam capabilities as well. TWAIN-connect all of your 2D images into your current dental imaging or practice management software, too.

Trade-in or Trade-up Your System
Because of their identical footprints and features, Sirona Orthophos XG systems are easy to trade-in or trade-up without needing to make any adjustments for footprint. Since they all have similar or identical dimensions, you can, for example, upgrade your Sirona Orthophos XG5 to a Sirona Orthophos XG 3D system and place it in the same exact place as the previous machine.

This also eliminates the need to hire a contractor to rearrange walls or perform any electrical rerouting or network reconfigurations. Additionally, since the systems all provide the same basic interface and ease-of-use, upgrading to a new one will not incur any setbacks in your workflows or require significant staff training.

Affordable, Pre-owned Sirona Orthophos XG Systems
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