The Spyderco Tenacious: Is It the Best Spyderco Knife?

Whether you find yourself in the woods and fields, are a craftsman with a need for a sturdy EDC option, or you are an LEO that depends on a reliable blade to get you through the course of a day’s work, Spyderco is a name you can lean on for performance. Users from around the world – from around the country – put their faith in Spyderco when it comes time to venture forth. 

But what is the best Spyderco knife? How can one narrow down from among so many excellent, serviceable options, with so many fans, and settle on one, single superlative that meets that descriptor? 

Much of the time, you’ll find it impossible to settle on just one, and not just in terms of Spyderco as a brand. It’s the same in all areas touched by consumerism and practicality. Everyone has their preferences, and different tools are used for different purposes. Think of it this way – to pick one, single, best Spyderco knife, you’ll have to crunch countless factors, and that quickly gets cumbersome.

However, there are some enduring models that rise to the top of the brand portfolio time and time again, and by virtue of popularity alone, they might be considered some of the best. One of these is the Spyderco Tenacious, which is, without a doubt, one of the most enduringly popular Spyderco knives in production. 

Depending on the model you choose, the Tenacious will vary in scale material and even in blade steel composition. It’s even available in a partially serrated edge, so in terms of variability we can’t assess only these features. It’s evident enough in terms of choice that Spyderco makes it easy for its customers to get what they value – the Tenacious gets high marks for that.

But it is not only in variability of features alone that the Tenacious is considered by some to be the best Spyderco knife. The Tenacious can be known by its consistent ergonomics and ideal size and balance. 

At 4 and 7/16 inches closed, with a 3 and ⅜ inch blade, the Tenacious is what some might call the ultimate EDC knife. It is small enough for practical everyday carry, yet large enough to tackle jobs often reserved for other fixed blades.

The blade deploys smoothly and easily with one hand and the lockup on the linerlock is both crisp and solid. It’s expertly designed to be both comfortable in the handle and tough enough to take on rough jobs. The flat grind of the blade is perfect for wedging, slicing and general cutting, and the gently dropped point (some might call it a straight back, like a Mora knife) is ideal for most jobs – it is versatile enough to pierce, cut, carve and most, but not too delicate so as to be unsuitable for heavier tasks. 

The ergonomics of the blade also cannot be overlooked. There is a surprisingly adequate and comfortable thumb ramp at the base of the blade that provides a sure and comfortable saber grip, as well as excellent control over the blade. It is also substantially jimped, providing even better traction. These features aside, this knife is light, and balanced well enough, to be held and used with a pinch grip for fine or detail work. 

Some might call it the ultimate Spyderco knife, especially for everyday carry. There are smaller pen knives that are better whittlers, and larger fixed blades that are better camp knives, but few that have been so meticulously developed with so many features that are so coherent and compatible as in the line of Spyderco Tenacious knives.

The long and short of it is that any collection could be well served by a Spyderco Tenacious, but this knife is much more useful in your pocket. If you’re looking to sweeten your assortment of pocket candy, visit today. White Mountain Knives has a huge collection (with a variety of Tenacious knives), competitive pricing, and they even offer free shipping in the U.S. – upgrade your pocket dump today! 

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