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The Undeniable Benefits of the Scandinavian Sleep Method

Do you share the same bed with a partner but often find yourself not getting enough restful sleep? It’s one of the most common issues with regards to co-sleeping, but fortunately, the Scandinavians have come up with a simple yet highly effective solution. Read on below for the low-down on the Scandinavian sleep method, how it works, and how it can improve your sleep quality and that of your partner’s:

What is the Scandinavian sleep method?

The vast majority of couples in the United States sleep together in the same bed. However, not all of them are able to sleep peacefully together. Differing sleep styles and preferences, in addition to common issues like snoring, tossing and turning, insomnia, and blanket-hogging during the night can make it hard for one or both of you to sleep well.

If this is a situation that feels familiar to you, then you may want to try out the Scandinavian sleep method. Popular in Nordic countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the Scandinavian sleep method involves sleeping in the same bed as your partner still, but instead of sharing one duvet or comforter, each sleeper uses two separate duvets or blankets. Scandinavian sleep method bedding, like the ones sold on, can be the key to a good night’s sleep for both yourself and your partner!

What are the benefits of the Scandinavian sleep method?

As illustrated above, the Scandinavian sleep method is an easy enough hack, but what are the advantages of purchasing and using Scandinavian sleep method bedding? To wit:

Body Temperature Regulation

Your body temperature can differ slightly from your partner. This means that while you may be sensitive to cold, for example, your partner may instead be sensitive to heat, or vice versa. During sleep, you and your partner both unconsciously manage your body temperature, often through adjusting your blanket or duvet or changing your sleeping position.

By using two duvets instead of sharing one, you have more freedom to regulate your own temperature–simply put, it eliminates blanket-hogging! The one who sleeps warmer can choose to go to bed with a lighter blanket, while the one who’s colder can wrap themselves up like a burrito in their own duvet.

Minimized Partner Disruptions

If you share your bed with a restless sleeper, then you already know the struggle: they toss and turn in their sleep, and you often tend to wake up more often during the night because of it. If your sleep schedule is different from your partner’s, the same issue occurs. You wake up when they disturb the bed for any reason, and it may be hard for you to fall back asleep.

With the Scandinavian sleep method, these disturbances can be significantly lessened. Having individual duvets means that your partner can toss and turn as they like, as well as get into bed whenever they want, without disrupting your sleep.

Maintains the Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Studies have shown that partners who share a bed together are more likely to sleep longer and enjoy more stable REM sleep. Most couples also view sharing the same bed as an integral part of their relationship. With the Scandinavian sleep method, you don’t have to give up co-sleeping, while reaping the benefits of better quality sleep, together.

If you’re ready to give the Scandinavian sleep method the old college try, then you should invest in bedding that benefits both you and your partner! Take a look at’s extensive selection of Scandinavian sleep method bedding today!

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