The Use of Portable Compressed Air Dryer in Shipyards and Bridge Work

Do you utilize sandblasting equipment and pressurized air to spray coat paint on water towers, ships, and storage tanks? If that’s the case, you might benefit from having a portable compressed air dryer on hand.

At least once every several years, ships need to go into dry dock for maintenance. It is possible that the whole hull may need to be blasted and repainted as part of the necessary maintenance.

Both methods involve the use of compressed air.

The process of air compression results in increased humidity and condensation along the air pipe. This moisture is detrimental because it causes nozzles and coatings to get clogged and could result in poor performance.

It is vital for shipyards to have portable compressed air dryers and portable air compressors so that they may be easily relocated from one area to another. In order to dry compressed air on the go, the Blast Pak from Van Air Systems is a great option for use in the shipyard.

Why Blast Pak?
In order to meet the demands of mobile blasting and painting contractors, the Blast Pak was developed as a portable compressed air dryer unit. It doesn’t use any electricity but nonetheless dehumidifies, dehydrates, and purifies compressed air.

With the help of Van Air Systems’ portable compressed air dryer, contractors in the blasting and painting industries can enjoy high-quality compressed air on the go, cutting down on downtime, rework, and losses.

Condensation in the air-line results from gradually cooling hot, humid compressed air as it travels through the line. Blasting and painting companies may generate more than 30 gallons of water in a single eight-hour shift from a 375 CFM air compressor operating in warm, humid conditions.

The potential dangers of using wet compressed air include:

●Congested blast pots
●slowed flow of blast media
●use of grits in excess
●marred completions
●rapid corrosion on a freshly blasted surface
●and rusting of blast pots, nozzle spray guns, and other tools

If you want to avoid the high costs associated with using compressed air that has become damp, the Blast Pak is the tool for you. This compact portable drier for compressed air is perfect for:

●bridge work and maintenance on the ship.
●storage tanks
●tasks in the power plant
●and any tasks requiring mobility

The Blast Pak is unique among drying systems in that it doesn’t need electricity and doesn’t have any moving parts, a control panel, or solenoids. Simple, robust, and productive. The Blast Pak is easy to use and does not require any specialized knowledge or abilities to get started.

1.Prevent moisture buildup by using Dry-O-Lite desiccant in the storage container.
2.Make sure the fan motor in the cooler has enough lubrication.
3.Connect compressed air lines and gradually increase the pressure.
4.Start sandblasting and painting.

Hundreds of contractors that utilize blasting methods have switched to Blast Pak because they know that dry air is essential for proper surface preparation.

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