Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Golf Shaft

While golf shafts are often the most overlooked tool in golf, choosing to buy the right golf shaft can ultimately affect the dynamics of your swing and generally how well you can play. Fortunately, there are many trusted stores where you can buy golf shafts that can help you produce a quality ball flight.

Just like the shutter of a camera. While it is not the lens, it is still exceptionally important. If you are trying to be a pro at photography and you were able to equip your camera with the best lens available in the market but then your shutter malfunctions, then you would have a difficult time taking that ultimate shot.

But really, how important are golf shafts?

Consistency is the key to a beautiful score. Choosing the right shaft will result in a gilt-edge performance on the golf course and can provide an overall impact on how well you can shoot that ball.

Finding the Perfect Shaft
Nowadays, many major golf club manufacturers like Dallas Golf have an exceptionally vast range of shafts weight, understanding the relevance of shaft weight compared to decades ago. Oftimes, golfers do not pay attention to the weight of the shaft while playing and overlook the fact that they have been making inconsistent shots and hitting inaccurately because of this. It’s a little hit-and-miss but has been proven effective when considering the weight of the shaft is that a golfer with a slow swing speed could benefit much from using a lighter shaft—graphite shafts, for example.

Considering this, many golf equipment manufacturers have agreed that the weight of the shaft is vital to the golfer’s performance. Hypothetically, a lighter shaft could increase your chance of hitting that ball, however, this is not the case for some others. There are golfers who find lighter shafts not effective for their speed and could even undeniably decrease their speed.

Stiffness of The Shaft
Traditionally, and is often an unmistakable fact, to consider the flex of your shaft, and this is not about the overall speed of your swing being the basis for your flex requirement.


The fact is, that shafts that are too stiff are often the ones that are causing your slice. Except if you are already a pro, then buying a stiff golf shaft won’t likely have an adverse effect on your game.

Buying golf shafts with the right flex is rather relevant with the type of swing you got than your actual swing speed.

Undoubtedly, the length of your golf shaft will considerably impact how the golf club feels in your hands.

But let us not forget the length.

The golfer will tend to hit the ball closer to the heel with a longer shaft that causes a less consistent strike on the face. While a more consistent strike pattern is produced when using a shorter shaft.

Kick point
A high bend point will lower ball flight since ball flight can sometimes get too high. So, if you usually have a ball flight that’s too high, buy golf shafts with a high kick point to keep your ball flight controlled and calculated.

Torque is basically the force that produces rotational motion. Think of a golf shaft as an axis, the head of the golf shaft twists around the shaft with some shaft resists twisting allowing only a certain amount better than others.

All shafts, may it be stainless steel or graphite, has a torque rating. A lower torque adds feel to your shaft, helping you produce more head speed.

Getting the right golf shaft for your swing is highly recommended and could greatly have an impact on your score on the course. Buy golf shafts from a reputable dealer, check out a vast selection of golf shafts from Dallas Golf Company at

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