Things You Should Know About a 5 Ton Gas Package Unit

In the matter of heating and cooling, you would not want to waste a really good chance on something that you would surely have to replace in the next two years. For the reason that, first, it is one the most sizable purchase you have to make for your home, therefore, you have to check its quality if it actually matches the price. Two, when it comes to comfort, the last thing in your mind is to invest your hard-earned dollars on an HVAC unit that only makes you anxious more than it makes you comfortable.

This matter is a really big deal especially in areas where there are extreme weather conditions. People living in places like those should think about the proper heating methods so as not to suffer terribly in a frosty atmosphere. In colder states like Alaska, North Dakota, Maine, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Michigan, one of the most efficient ways to heat their homes is to get equipped with a 5 Ton Gas Package Unit.

Gas package units are usually found in colder climates like the ones mentioned above. It has something to do with the fact that these units are also equipped with gas furnaces which basically provides the premises with a supercharged heating power. Gas pack units are one of the most prevalent types of packaged HVAC systems equipped with a gas furnace, air conditioner, and evaporator coil.

Having a 5 ton Gas Package Unit will save you a lot of money as well as space. With a gas package unit, you will no longer have to buy two separate heating and cooling units, since they are housed in a single unit. Along with that, you won’t have to spare a whole other space for the other which makes it an ultimate space saver. And if there’s a need for maintenance and repairs, it’s a lot easier to access a packaged unit than the other types of HVAC systems because of how all components are found in one housing.

A lot of things are to be considered upon installation. The back of the unit should be placed a bit closer to a wall to minimize exposed wiring. Another thing also is that it is highly recommended to install the unit outside the building and away more than 25 feet from any windows so that, the condenser air discharge won’t blow towards them. It should also be placed in a location with an unobstructed condenser air inlet and discharge. Moreover, the unit should be positioned properly to permit access for future maintenance and repair services.

You can opt for smaller versions of gas package units, however, it is more practical to choose the 5 ton unit for efficient heating and cooling purposes. You won’t have to worry about waiting for almost an hour before the entire place warms up during winter and not a couple of minutes later to wait before the whole area cools down during summer. It is really better if you could only balance the demands of the space you have at home against the gas pack unit you are going to purchase.

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